Secrets of Goodie Bags & Give-Aways


My Complete Goodie Bag SYSTEM will easily allow you to make a boatload of extra money offering goodie bags and using promotional items.  This system is JAM PACKED with everything you need to know to make MORE MONEY from every party you do!



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From: Brad Ross
Tuesday 9:37 PM

Dear Friend,

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My Complete Goodie Bag SYSTEM will easily allow you to make a boatload of extra money offering goodie bags and using promotional items.  My new system is JAM PACKED with tons of awesome stuff.  Take a look at a small sample of what you will possess in this unique and proven system:

A complete understanding of how YOU can use goodie bags to blow your competition out of the water and add EXTRA CASH into your pocket EVERY WEEKEND!

The 7 GOLDEN RULES of Goodie Bags – a rockin’ step by step formula
To ensure you select & use the best AND most cost effective items.

SIMPLE ways to STRUCTURE your birthday party packages.

A NEVER BEFORE SEEN INVENTION that you can create at home
To save you time when making goodie bags (This goodie bag creation system is literally worth the entire price of this course)

Step by step formulas that teaches you how to create KILLER PROMOTIONAL GIVE-AWAYS that will without a doubt get HOT LEADS CALLING YOU!

EASY ways to incorporate goodie bags INTO YOUR SHOW – therefore
Allowing you to offer a customized show package.

A NO BRAINER WAY to Create YOUR OWN MAGIC SET for $7 or less and teach you how to gain INSTANT credibility because you are now the star of your own line of magic products.

AND that’s just a small sampling of what you’ll find in my goodie bag system.  I actually give you the virtual roadmap that you need to use goodie bags and promotional items to boost your business and make EXTRA CASH!


You’ll learn my entire process for creating, selling and making Goodie Bags that really helps you UPSELL & CASH IN!
That process includes:

Learning about why its so important to use goodie bags and
Promotional items to make EXTRA MONEY EACH YEAR!

How to select the appropriate items for your goodie bag should you
Decide to create your own as opposed to using mine.

EVERY SINGLE item in my current goodie bag along with pricing and large quantity discounts.

How to ASSEMBLE goodie bags in the easiest fashion [this invention is alone worth the entire price of the course – trust me!]

How to completely customize your goodie bag to turn it from drab to FABULOUS money making marketing machine!

Secrets of premium gifts & give aways.

Quick start guide to creating an awesome magic set for under $7.00

SAMPLES of items I currently use as promo pieces to hand out and LOADS of TIPS, TRICKS, SECRETS and ideas to revolutionize your thinking.


I realize that all this may sound like boasting or bragging.  So here are comments from some of my many satisfied clients who already own & are using my Goodie Bag & Give-Away System:

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suggest!”     -MIKE CLARKE, UK

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Judy Post, Little Falls, NJ

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