Recently I received an email from a long time member of my Inner Circle, who I respect immensely.   

He had just completed a marketing course/ group program for virtual shows that he learned from a so-called “virtual magic show guru” …
But he ended up with a big fat goose egg for results.
He was upset to say the least. And wanted to vent to me.
“HUH?!? ZERO BOOKINGS?!? How could that be,” he thought.

Listen up…

It doesn’t matter if you’re selling virtual shows or in person performances – there are only a handful of major reasons why any marketing campaign could bomb.

Here are 4 Reasons Most Magicians & On-Stage Entrepreneurs™ FAIL:

1. Your marketing materials are inferior. You have to take a good hard look at your website, your videos, your photos, your copy… your overall brand. What does it say to prospects? Does it look outdated? Old-fashion? Amateur? Dull? Unfinished? Thrown-together? Does it actually represent what you are selling?

In many cases, bad looking marketing materials is a major reason why many entertainers fail.

2. You are contacting the wrong person. No matter how good your offer is, if it is presented to the wrong prospects, you will not be successful. I suspect that this is the case with my member.

He was contacting the CEO of companies to try and book entertainment and speaking gigs. I have almost always been booked by someone in the Human Resource Department or Marketing Dept folks for these types of shows. It doesn’t matter how good your show is and how great a salesperson you are, if you don’t get in front of the right person, you message will never be seen/ heard. You need to find out who the decision maker is and focus your marketing efforts on them.

3. Your prospects simply do not want what you are offering. This is a BIG ONE! This is the hard pill to swallow for most magicians & entertainers. I have seen this A TON with this new “virtual market.

If your prospects don’t have a want, need, or desire to hire an entertainer, virtual or otherwise, it’s going to be tough to book gigs.

There are a lot of “so-called experts” lately trying to make a quick buck off of telling you it’s easy to get into doing virtual magic shows and that there is HUGE demand… it’s just not the truth.

There is interest but there is NOT HUGE DEMAND for virtual magic shows.

Don’t get me wrong – the OPPORTUNITY is huge. The OPPORTUNITY is world-wide.  There are folks in our industry making a killing at virtual shows… but then again there are folks in our industry who made a killing on cruise ships… in Vegas… and every other niche out there.


Reality is – if you are trying to sell something to someone who has zero want, need, or desire… all bets are off.

Of course, you can stimulate anyones thinking and try sell them on how you can help them but this is a tough road to hoe.

It’s always far better to use direct response marketing to attract your ideal clients and the people who actually want, need, or desire what you are selling.

This is where you will have much more success when it comes to selling virtual or in person shows.

Remember its not about chasing people down and trying to “sell them” on how great your virtual show or your act is… it’s about finding who wants what you have to offer and directing your marketing towards them. Make sense?

4.Finally, TIMING IS OFF. Your prospects simple don’t want what you’re offering AT THIS TIME.

Ah, ha. This is a major reason why entertainers don’t get the results they desire and lose a lot of money on their marketing.  It is very rare for a prospect to create an event around you.

In most cases, you are hired to enhance an event that is already in existence.

Timing is critical to your success but timing can sometimes prove to be difficult.

The best way to overcome the timing issue is to market consistently and by various means to your prospect and lead base. That means it’s not ok to only market once or twice a year. NO. You must ALWAYS be making and staying visible.

Now, if you do a substantial lead generation or marketing campaign and no one responds, you need to re-visit reasons #1 – #3.

It doesn’t make sense to continue to invest money in something that shows no signs of life, after multiple attempts.

As legendary marketer Gary Halbert says, “You can’t multiply zeros.”

There are other reasons why a marketing campaign fails but those are the top four.

GOOD NEWS: What’s exciting is that all four of these reasons are in your circle of influence – meaning that there is something you can do about each one of them.

Please remember this and burn it into your brain:

“NEVER STOP MARKETING and Never give up. Never ever give up.”