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Fundraising Magic™

The Complete Insider System For Earning Up To $100,000 (or more!) Developing, Booking and Performing Fundraising Shows For Community Organizations

Using this system will enable you to set your fee, sell your show, work the type of audiences you want, seize control of your magic career and capitalize on the huge growing demand community groups have for good fundraising opportunities.

“Puts the future of your magic career in your hands!”


Brad Ross Presents
John Kaplan’s

The Complete System For Earning

Up To $100,000 Or More
Developing, Booking and Performing
Fundraising Shows For Community Organizations

All The Insider Information On A System That
Turns Your Show Into A “Money Machine”
That Allows You To Earn HUGE PROFITS For
Years To Come In The Lucrative, Exploding
Fundraising Industry!

Dear Fellow Performer:

You’re about to discover a complete system for developing, booking and performing fundraising shows for community organizations … a system that earns me a great living (grossing up to $100,000 or more in as few as 12 weeks per year!).

This system is the real work on every aspect of making
BIG BUCKS doing fundraising shows
for community groups

No fluff. No pipedreams. The exact system I’ve been using for over three decades to raise money for schools, service clubs, youth groups, associations, societies and many others. A system that’s been so amazingly successful at raising money for these organizations that my show tours have been SELL-OUTS SINCE THE 1990’s … with many groups booking my fundraising show year after year after year!

A System You Can Put To Work Immediately That’ll “Jump-Start” You Into The Highly Profitable Fundraising Industry … And Allow You To Very Quickly DOMINATE That Market.

Developing and perfecting this system has allowed me to seize control of my magic career. It’s enabled me to turn what used to be a “dead” season into my most profitable time of the year! It’s given me the opportunity to perform the kind of magic I want, for the type of audiences I choose.

Why Doing Fundraising Shows Is A Growth Industry
(are you getting your share of the pie?)

Fundraising show opportunities are limitless. Especially in this day and age. Government funding for schools and community organizations are shrinking – in some cases drying up completely – meaning that there’s a growing demand on fundraising to help groups carry on their programs and activities.

I’ve been making a great living off this demand for years. With my system in your hands, you can too.

So, why would I give away
my personal success formula for
making big money doing fundraising shows?

Pretty simple, really … I’m as busy as I want to be in my market area of western Canada (which I want to keep exclusive, so this course is not available to other performers here … sorry, guys).

I don’t plan on expanding my territory, either. Yeah, sure, I hope to make a buck or two from releasing my methods. But let’s get this straight … magic’s been very, very good to me. I’ve accumulated a warehouse of priceless experience from focusing on the fundraising market during the past thirty-plus years.

I’m a specialist in the field. What I’ve learned through the school of hard knocks is of tremendous value to anyone else that wants to shrink the learning curve and leap-frog up the ladder in this fast-growing, hugely profitable market

I’ll not only show you how I’ve done it, I’ll provide a step-by-step system that you can use to duplicate – perhaps even surpass – my success.

NO Phones. NO Percentages.
Charge what you want, and get it. PERIOD.

What’s more (and for me, this has been the best part) … my system doesn’t involve telemarketing. It also doesn’t rely on percentage-based income.

Now, I’m not saying that you can’t do well with these other ways of doing fundraising shows. There are certainly those who’ve had their success with telemarketing. It just wasn’t for me, that’s all.

I’ve simply never had any desire to go through the process of setting up phone rooms, hiring and managing employees, risking a large amount of capital on the venture, and taking the heat for being associated with an industry filled with “boiler room” fly-by-nighters. Let’s face it: telemarketing has a cloudy reputation at best. Besides … who likes being hassled by phone salespeople anyway?!? In fact, nowadays, “Caller ID” and “Do Not Call” lists (not to mention government regulation) have seriously undermined the effectiveness of these methods anyway

With my system, you can forget about having to
irritate people selling tickets by phone.

And, as for “percentage” arrangements?

Frankly, I’m just not comfortable with the risk factor. You know … where you put yourself at the mercy of the group you’re working with, praying that they’ll make the effort necessary to fill the seats at your shows in the hopes that you can both make some money.

Or where you have to bust your knuckles doing a whole bunch of pre-show promoting, and nursing sponsors along. Then too, there’s the added stress of not even knowing how much you’re being paid to do your show until after it’s all over!

Hey, some groups do a fine job. But for those that don’t, you’ve just invested a ton of time, effort and money to do a show for free? Or at a loss??? Uh, uh. I don’t think so. Not for me.

Besides … the only sponsors I’ve ever seen do alright with a percentage arrangement (and again, only some of the time) are schools. One of the major reasons for my success is that I’m not limited to doing just school fundraisers. Because of the system I’ve developed, my client base has expanded TEN-FOLD to include many, many other types of community organizations … all of whom have an equal opportunity to raise thousands of dollars by following the project plan I provide them.

Eliminate the uncertainty of getting a percentage of ticket sales.

So as for percentages … no, thanks. I want to sell my show for the money I think it’s worth, and get it. Which is exactly what I’ve been doing for over 30 years with this system.

And, guess what? Perfecting this system has created greater success for my show sponsors, too. Groups that work with my program consistently raise between $2,000 and $4,000 … with earnings frequently being as high as $5,000 to $13,000!!! (yes indeed … my clients love me!).

Here’s what makes my Fundraising Magic™ program
a sure-fire money-maker for sponsors
and an easy sell to your clients

For starters, the fundraising program I’ve developed puts the sponsor in the driver’s seat. It’s a step-by-step plan that literally lets a group decide how much they want to earn from your show event and go out and get it. Simply by following the plan and using the tools provided, they’re able to raise as much money as they need … groups working with this plan typically raise in the thousands of dollars for their organizations.

You can see the results I’ve been getting for my sponsors right here on this page…

Providing this project plan to groups that book your show achieves two things:

Firstly, having this step-by-step system empowers your sponsors. They have complete control over their fundraising project. They don’t have to worry that a third-party promoter is representing their group improperly, or that they’ll receive their entitled share of the proceeds. They decide how much they want to make, and simply follow the steps outlined in the plan.

The really big plus is that they’ll be able to use this system to achieve greater success with a good many more of their other fundraisers … talk about providing extra-value to your customers!

The second thing achieved by this program is that it reduces your involvement and eliminates your risk. You’ll be able to do what I do – namely, book the show for the amount you want, give ’em the Project Kit, and you’re pretty much finished! Now, all that’s left is the fun part … doing the show!

What I’ve done for you is thrown my system under the microscope and dissected the entire process … everything I’ve been doing for the past three decades to become the fundraising show leader in my market.

And I mean … EVERYTHING.

You’ll learn my complete system for developing, booking and performing fundraising shows for community groups. To make it as easy as possible for you to put this information into practice, the course is broken apart and organized into five fat sections that give you absolutely everything you need to know to explode into the lucrative fundraising market.

In the first section I reveal all of my secrets for finding, contacting and selling a sponsor. You’ll discover which groups are best suited to utilize and be successful with your fundraising show. You’ll learn where to look for them. You’ll find out what to offer, and how. Specifically, you’ll discover …

  • How and where to find thousands of organizations that can use your fundraising show!
  • How to qualify leads and turn them into Hot Prospects practically begging you to book a show for them!
  • The 3 main reasons sponsors won’t book your fundraising show … and how to overcome those objections!
  • Samples of the lead-generating promotional tools I use to SELL-OUT my fundraising tours year after year!
  • Where to place your ads for maximum results!
  • How I use negotiated fee reductions to “nail the sale” AND increase perceived value!
  • Which “Hot Buttons” you can hit to connect with virtually every prospect (the 3 things they’re almost ALL looking for … and how your show will deliver it to them!)

In the second section of the course, you’ll be introduced to the “key to the vault” … my sponsor PROJECT KIT. A full set of tools and the powerful step-by-step system that sponsors can follow to raise thousands of dollars for their organizations.

This is my secret weapon – the major thing that’s frustrated my competitors for years. It alone is worth ten times the price of this course.

You’ll get the full backstage tour … I’ll turn it inside-out and reveal a complete top to bottom template that you can use to immediately create a killer Project Kit for your own sponsors. Besides the tools and the fundraising plan, you’ll also find out about

  • The 3 things you MUST do for your sponsors (failing to do so is a recipe for failure).
  • What is a Piggyback Fundraiser – why they are so important and how to create them.
  • What to put into your sponsor Project Kit to ensure their fundraising success with your show.
  • Why you must make the fundraising project so easy for sponsors that they can’t fail … and how to do it.
  • How you can GUARANTEE your sponsoring organizations will make money with your show.

Section 3 of the course introduces you to my system of booking, contracting and sponsor communications … in other words, the necessary “paperwork” required to run your fundraising business effectively and efficiently.

I’ll provide you with sample documents, forms and templates that you can use to develop your own customized organizational and communications tools. Here, you’ll get the real “skinny” on …

  • How to retain contact with organizations that have frequent membership turnover
  • How to plant seeds to create an annual event for sponsoring organizations that keeps you working with them year after year!
  • How to quickly accumulate a pile of instant-credibility testimonials
  • The clever method I use to get sponsor feedback to identify and correct problem areas, maintain quality control … and how I use it to generate bookings!
  • How I say “thank you” to my sponsors (the plain simple technique that helps create a bond with my sponsors – and provides me with a tremendous marketing tool as well!)
  • How to quickly build a press folder stuffed with great reviews of your show!

In the fourth section, we’ll unmask the show itself. You’ll learn everything necessary to be able to offer your show as a stand-alone fundraising event. I’ll walk you through my own show, including the technical elements, selection of material, daily timetable, tour schedules and much more.

In addition to all of this real-world, practical information you’ll also discover …

  • The best time to schedule performances for sponsors
  • The vitally important element your fundraising show must have
  • One of the best investments you can make in your show … and why your sponsors will love you for it!
  • Field-tested tips for working with sponsor volunteers
  • The most important asset of your show … and how to protect it

Finally, I’ve saved the best for last …

Section Five of the course teaches you how to wring a mountain of extra dollars out of your fundraising shows. Here’s where your investment in this material will be recovered many, many times over.

You’ll discover multiple income streams you never dreamed of, as I reveal some of the methods I’ve used (and continue to use) that enable me to make plenty of added money from each and every show I do. In fact, through these strategies I’ve been able to make more money by doing fewer shows!

(This affords me a greater amount of time to spend with my family plus the added opportunity to pursue other projects).

Here are some of the things that can do this for you, too …

  • The simple change I made that not only made it OK to “pitch” magic products from the stage at my shows … but now earns me applause as well!
  • Why selling your reputation is far more important than selling your show … and how your testimonials can be used to launch new shows
  • How I turned my competition into an asset and created a Win-Win-WIN situation!
  • How to use your back-of-the-room merchandise to not only make more money from your shows … but to close more bookings as well!
  • The “How To” fundraisers book I created from my sponsor Project Manual (how I use it both as a lead-generating device as well as to create another source of income)
  • Back-end sales: What they are, what works, and how to create them
  • Examples of the multiple streams of income I use to enable me to make more money by doing fewer shows!

OK, so far I’ve provided a few of the highlights covered in this five-part course. There’s a pile of other insider information that I’m giving away to those savvy enough to invest in this program. Real-world, tried and true money-making strategies such as ….

  • How I went from a season-to-season marketing campaign to a waiting list … to a full tour season booked 75% or more a year in advance!
  • How I use previous tour itineraries and early sign-ups to drive bookings through the roof!
  • 3 bonus incentives I use to get sponsors to say “YES!”
  • What I do that delivers a steady stream of repeat bookings!
  • How to add instant credibility to your magic business

Everything I’ve tried, tested and proven during my thirty-plus years performing fundraising shows for community groups is laid bare in the pages of this course. The information-packed manual is literally crammed full of examples (and actual samples) of the tools I use. Tools and information you’ll be able to put into practice to create a powerful fundraising show business of your own.

Hold on … I’m also going to include the following extras:

  1. My video “sales letter”. This is the DVD that I use to SELL-OUT my show tours annually. It contains my “killer” presentation – the one I use that closes up to 90% of my live sales meetings!
  2. The Project Kit Manual. Yup, the very same one I provide to sponsors of my show … the actual step-by-step plan they ALL receive and absolutely love!!! (Check the glowing testimonials throughout this website!)
  3. Advertising tools package. Everything I currently provide to sponsors …all the flyers, press releases, ticket request forms, contest pages … dozens of camera-ready samples you can easily model for your fundraising show.
  4. Newsletter back-issues. The monthly report that keeps me in touch with my sponsors, keeps them motivated and helps ensure their success with my program (plus gives me an opportunity for some highly profitable backend sales as well!).
  5. The acclaimed book, “Fundraising Secrets“.
    This pdf book-on-disk is a must-have for community organizations and is one of the BONUS ITEMS that I offer to my own clients as extra-value (and to help close more sales!).

Plus – the new EXPANDED EDITION of my Fundraising Magic™ course contains all of these components:

SOCIAL MEDIA Marketing Kit…

  • a fabulous resource given to clients that teaches them how to quickly and easily promote their Fundraising Magic™ events through over a dozen social media platforms.
  • loads them up with content that makes it so-o-o simple for them to harness the power of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and many other FREE online resources.
  • step by step instruction provided, including the special pre-written sequential “Autoresponder” messages (the very ones that I myself use) that directs them to social media resources and online training.

MAMMOTH Marketing Archive …

  • Spanning over a decade, more than 500 “real world” documents that I’ve developed and have been using in my own highly successful Fundraising Magic™ business.
  • Literally EVERYTHING that I’ve used to sell-out my touring seasons and keep my date book full with lucrative fundraising gigs for the past dozen years .
  • Contains over a decade of proven, results-getting marketing tools including email campaigns, broadcast fax templates, direct mailers, postcards, self-mailers, flyers, magazine ads, sales letters, phone scripts, Google ads, press releases … it’s an amazing “swipe file” of all things fundraising.
  • ALL of the tools I’ve been using during the past decade to gross well over a million dollars with my Fundraising Magic™ program. (Imagine if you had to hire a professional copywriter to put together this much m

Pre-written Autoresponder Messages

  • nearly two dozen sequential follow-ups that guide sponsors through their 6-week campaign and ensure that they stay focused, motivated and ON TRACK with their event
  • have led to greatly improved success results for my sponsors … meaning, MORE sponsors have been making MORE money with my show events (several have now earned in excess of $13,000 with their event!!!)
  • these messages are like having me perched on their shoulder, directing or coaching them through the entire process … and because they’re all pre-written and sent out automatically, it’s ZERO additional effort!

Offline Facebook Promotional Strategy

  • through the magic of video you’ll be taken to one of my live performances and you’ll see EXACTLY how I promote my FB fan page to the entire audience
  • a strategy that’s fun, entertaining AND both promotes my fan page PLUS raises additional $$$ for my sponsors as a BONUS PIGGYBACK fundraiser that (once again) helps me OVER-DELIVER for my clients.

Fundraising Magic Upgrade

About 2 years after I released the original Fundraising Magic™ program, it was followed by a special Upgrade Edition that offered new marketing materials, new sponsor fundraising tools, a “fail-safe” fundraising strategy and – among several other things – a full “day-in-the-life” documentary DVD video of my own touring show. ALL OF THIS UPGRADE MATERIAL IS NOW INCLUDED AS A COMPONENT OF THE NEW REVISED EDITION!!!

Who Should Invest In This Program

If you’re ALREADY doing fundraising shows and you want to …

  • … add powerful new tools and strategies to book more shows
  • … make more money from your shows
  • … help your sponsors earn more with your shows
  • … establish yourself as the “top banana” and dominate the market for fundraising shows in your area

If you’re new to doing fundraising shows and you …

  • … are serious about tapping into the enormous profit potential they offer
  • … want to arm yourself with a complete proven, GUARANTEED system
  • … wish to save years of frustrating trial and error and eliminate all of the guesswork and confusion
  • … genuinely feel good about helping community groups raise money towards their worthwhile goals and activities

Then YES, you should definitely grab this material. NOW, before your competition does.

Please, DO NOT invest in this program if …

If you’re looking for a “magic pill” forget it. If you think that putting this course on your shelf is going to suddenly catapult you to riches, keep dreaming. But rest assured … if you do take action and follow my methods, you will get results. I guarantee it. A full 6-month guarantee, in fact.

You read that right. SIX MONTH GUARANTEE … RISK-FREE. That’s how long you can test-drive this material to satisfy yourself of its worth. If after 6 months you feel that it doesn’t live up to its claims, if you don’t think you’re getting full value from your investment, then I want you to send it back.

I think you can appreciate that I wouldn’t make this generous guarantee if I wasn’t completely, 100% sure of the value of this material. Hey – I know it works. It’s been working for me for over thirty years, and I’m willing to risk any you doubts you may have in order to prove it to you.

How YOU can obtain this program RISK-FREE and start profiting from the growing demand for fundraising shows

Putting it bluntly … the cost of this course may shock you.

But after all, I’m spilling my guts here. This fundraising system has been developed and honed to perfection during thirty-plus years. You’re getting the educational benefit of a full career single-mindedly devoted to this field … one that continues to provide me with an excellent career doing what I love to do. And I’m literally serving it up on a silver platter. (“Giving away the farm”, as they say).

Honestly, if I’d been able to invest in a “turn-key” system like this when I first began doing fundraising shows, it would’ve saved me years of trial-and-error. Given the opportunity to obtain the tools and techniques to develop a fundraising vehicle that was ready to take to market and earn me thousands of dollars practically overnight, I’d have jumped at the chance. Thing was, there’s been nothing quite like this program available … until now.

I know there’s plenty of performers who’d gladly invest a sizeable sum just to gain an edge in the lucrative fundraising market. And there’s no doubt that the knowledge and experience contained in his program is easily worth several thousand dollars – an investment that’s quickly recovered doing just two or three shows.

(That’s incredible, really. Think of it: a system which continually sells-out full 6 to 12 week show seasons (that’s 30 to 60 show dates) year after year paying for itself after only a couple shows!!!!)

Although information like this might be worth thousands of dollars, that’s not the price. It’s actually much less than that. And that’s the thing you just may find shocking. The investment in this entire program is NOT in the thousands … in fact, it’s well under 1,000.

Believe it or not, the regular edition of the Fundraising Magic™ course is just $495. (Heck … that’s the kind of pocket change you can earn doing only two or three birthday party shows!).

That’s right – for less money than some folks will pay for their cable TV or smartphone subscription this year, you’ll own a proven, GUARANTEED system capable of earning you thousands of dollars … even building a long-term career!

Are YOU Ready To Start Earning Thousands Of Dollars
From a Performance Schedule Swelling With Lucrative Fundraising Shows ???

Well, there it is. You now have a pretty good idea of what’s covered in the Fundraising Magic™ course. To sum it all up in a single sentence, here’s what you’ll be getting:

“A bullet-proof system, honed to perfection during a 30-year career, for jumping aboard the fast-growing fundraising train and earning up to $100,000 or more by doing fundraising shows …

Take Action Now
By Investing In The Fundraising Magic™ Course And Reap The Rewards Of
Performing Shows That Help Community Groups!

Click the Order Button above to order. Your Fundraising Magic™ course will be RUSHED to you via airmail immediately upon receipt … RISK-FREE for you to put to the test.

Seriously … if you have even the slightest interest in the enormous impact that doing fundraising shows can have on the bottom line of your performing career, there simply won’t be a better time to check this out than right now.

You have nothing to lose EXCEPT this great opportunity to test-drive a proven program RISK-FREE and GUARANTEED.

I’m ready to put my money where my mouth is. Take me up on my offer by printing and faxing / mailing the order form (or submitting the web order form) today and see for yourself how you, too, can profit handsomely from fundraising shows done for groups in your community.

Yours In Success,
Brad Ross & John Kaplan

P.S.. Hundreds of performers worldwide have invested in this program … find out what they have to say below:

I have performed three seasons with John Kaplan’s Fundraising Magic Program and I can fully attest to the practicality and enormously successful results achieved. Unquestionably, this system works to book shows, earn thousands of dollars for school, community groups, and most importantly, to make some money for yourself … just fantastic!” – Tony Eng, Victoria BC

John’s a master marketer of fundraising shows for community organizations. I’ve watched him apply his system successfully for years … if you want to break into the fundraising market or dramatically increase the amount of money you’re already earning in this field, definitely get this course!” – Randy Charach, Vancouver BC “I toured with John’s show in 1992 and as a cast member, I have seen first-hand his incredible system for finding, booking and performing fundraising shows for community groups. This is the real deal, from a pro who’s been doing it forever. It has been tried, tested and true. I couldn’t believe how happy show sponsors were with the system John has come up with. I highly recommend John’s course for anyone wanting to be successful with fundraising shows … IT WORKS !! It’s outstanding!” – Tony Kingston, Calgary AB

“The course arrived yesterday … great material!” – Jerry Winn, Harrisonburg VA

“I can’t recommend this kit any more highly. It is BEYOND AWESOME … no one has EVER offered anything that even comes close to John’s system.” – Dave Dee, Alpharetta GA

“John, just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your fundraising course. It is one of the best investments I have ever made. I have been doing fundraising magic shows for 15 years. I had successes and failures. It was always hit or miss and some customers told me they would love to do it but it was too much work. The thing that was missing was some kind of a project kit that would have all the work done for my customers. Your project manual is the perfect answer and your additional ideas on piggyback fundraisers are fantastic. I am already using your techniques and one customer loves the ideas.” – Gary Summers, St John’s NF

“Thanks for the fundraising kit…I am digging through it right now! You have a lot of really great ideas on this topic… your materials are the very best I have seen on the market today…thanks again!” – Cody S. Fisher, Austin TX

“I ordered the Fundraising Package from you and I’m very impressed … very good stuff! I worked phone deals YEARS ago, and what a great concept you have created!”

– Blair Robertson, Orleans ON

“So far the kit looks GREAT!! Good work, my friend!” – Chris Hoffheins, Plano TX