Today the CDC made a BIG announcement that once you’re fully vaccinated – you’re free to travel.  

It’s been clear that a lot of folks have already started to travel with airlines like American Airlines reporting the company’s bookings are now at 90% of what they were in 2019.

With the CDC loosening their “don’t travel” guidance, for vaccinated individuals, you can rest assured we REALLY ARE on the pathway to fully reopening.

So what does this mean for you ~Contact.FirstName~, as an entertainer?

1.  Well first, it means that the entertainment waters are rising behind the flood gates.  

Those flood gates are going to burst open soon.

I’ve long predicted that once the vaccine is widely distributed in large numbers and more folks feel comfortable getting out and being around others, we would begin to see a resurgence of live events. A “renaissance” if you will, for parties, big events, concerts, festivals, theater experiences, parades and the like. 

2.  Individuals & Companies are reporting REDUCED VIRTUAL activities and meetings.

Zoom fatigue is very real and now that it is safer to get out & about, people don’t want to be stuck in front of a computer screen any more than they have to.

 “The Zoom happy hour has hit its expiration date, with too many long days of virtual meetings for months,” Nani Vishwanath, people team manager at Limeade said.

It’s clear from so many of my coaching clients & Inner Circle members, that IN-PERSON bookings are ON THE RISE and “VIRTUAL SHOW” bookings are on a STEEP DECLINE.

Now, is NOT the time to ramp up virtual offerings, but rather time to focus on marketing or RE-MARKETING your IN-PERSON experiences in a new world.

3.  Vaccine PROOF is going to become a NEW SELLING POINT.  

Not only are we hearing that schools will require proof of vaccination for assembly presenters, but Royal Caribbean, Norwegian and other cruise lines have announced vaccine requirements for all passengers & crew including entertainers.

A great new selling point is to mention on your website that you ARE vaccinated against Covid-19.  Several of my clients have reported back to me this has been a BIG PLUS with their own clients who feel more comfortable bringing them into their homes or places of business, with proof of vaccine.

So lots of great news on the horizon and Im sure more to come.  Don’t miss out on the rising tide of live entertainment about to burst through the floodgates.

For now, have a great holiday weekend as we wrap up Passover and welcome Easter.

Do What You LOVE & LOVE What You Do!