Done For You Client Newsletter


Today more than ever, staying in touch with your existing clients has never been more important. The cost of attracting new leads keeps going up and up. So you have to make sure that the friends you served in the past keep you top of mind — month after month, year after year.


Imagine the impression this newsletter’s going to make on your existing customers or on new prospects. Send this to your friends, your neighbors, local business leaders, PTA presidents, School Principals, even elected officials.

This newsletter will pack some serious added punch to your marketing arsenal.

And best of all..It’s so inexpensive it’s practically a ZERO-Brain decision.

“Okay, I’m Sold On The Idea… How Much?”

The investment is just $147/ per month – delivered right to your inbox!
(That’s less than you charge for 1 gig – a drop in the bucket to retain your customers for LIFE!)

Seriously, I have paid as much as $297 PER MONTH for a VERY SIMILAR newsletter service, where the material wasn’t even as nicely laid out as in this system. Well after about 6 months of NEVER using this other guys service (’cause it was too hard & time consuming to create my newsletter) I created my own.

Honestly, I think this is one of the most amazing deals ever offered. and SUCH A NO-BRAINER!

Now I could give you some line about only having 30 memberships available or something like that. I’m not going to play that kind of game. I have plenty of folks already signed up for this and so it’s no more work for me whether 1 or 100 more get on board.

This ULTRA-LOW pricing is part of our charter membership. If you want in you should sign up TODAY!