Recognized as one of the top illusionists in the world currently performing and as the foremost authority on entertainment marketing for magicians & entertainers, the name Brad Ross is synonymous with business success.

He went from a kid with a dream to a young man LIVING HIS DREAM.   One of the most sought after magical entertainers on the market today, Brad Ross is HIGH ENERGY, NONSTOP,MAGICAL FUN! Often compared — but equal to none, Brad Ross is the future of magic!

“When you want something badly enough and
you believe in the magic of your dreams…
anything is possible.” -Brad Ross

Brad Ross is inspiring entertainers to grow

their businesses & live their dreams.


From his early days in magic in the 1990’s doing 1 and 2 shows a week as a high school student – Brad discovered the world of direct marketing and his 

bookings skyrocketed.  He quickly began averaging over 25-30 shows a month in less than 90 days. 

After dominating the local market with birthdays, schools, camps, magic classes and fundraisers, in 2003, Brad made a GIANT LEAP!  Using the same direct marketing principles he used in his local business,  he garnered the attention of BIG ENTERTAINMENT BUYERS and began booking gigs as an illusionist at theme parks and cruise ships. 

In 2005 Brad once again applied his best marketing strategies and sold himself to the world’s largest producer of LIVE family entertainment… the producer of Siegfried d& Roy… the producer of Ringling Brother’s Circus and Disney on Ice… KENNETH FELD.  

Feld was so impressed by Brad’s talent, energy, persona and panache that he offered Brad an opened ended contract to start as the headliner of his newest production Disney LIVE presents Mickey’s Magic Show.  Over the next 6 years Brad would criss cross the globe performing for literally millions of people on 5 continents, in more than 50 countries and on over 500 national & international television programs.

In 2011 Brad hung up his Disney “Ears-Hat” and began working on his biggest career move to date – creating & producing his own multi-million dollar touring stage illusion production show.  3 years of hard work later, in 2014 Brad opened the show, “Unbelievable” to rave reviews in Branson, Mo.  Unbelievable can be seen touring all over the world.

Since creating his marketing company in 2004, (now known as The Magic Marketing Center) Brad has taught thousands of magicians his powerful marketing secrets. From private coaching to dozens of books, reports, webinars, teleseminars, LIVE lectures, seminars and workshops – Brad’s marketing strategies and teachings are helping magicians & entertainers all over the world run successful businesses. 

Brad is also the executive producer & host of It Factor LIVE – the original & ultimate hands-on magic marketing workshop and business building bootcamp for magicians & entertainers.    It Factor LIVE or IFL as it’s often referred to, is an annual multi-day workshop that takes a small group of dedicated, smart entertainment entrepreneurs on a whirlwind crash course of the latest marketing strategies and ideas; basically it’s a speed learning of what’s working right now and how to implement it all into your business before you even leave the conference.  

You can learn more about IFL at as well as the past years workshops now available on DVD & MP3 home study systems.

“Brad ross is The World’s Greatest Illusionist.” –Disney LIVE

Brad’s goal is to help you take your personality and your expertise, and package it into a message and a business you love…. so you can serve more people and make lots of money doing it!

Its about doing what you love & loving what you do…
into six figures and beyond!” -Brad Ross