Julian Franklin’s Kid Control


KID CONTROL:  Behavior Management for Children’s Entertainers, Substitute Teachers, Sunday School Teachers, Baby Sitters, Scout Leaders, Pediatricians and others who regularly deal with children for brief periods of time.

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“WOW! What a clear, concise and well-reasoned roadmap to insuring that almost anyone’s KidShow will run like a well-oiled mechanism, without unruly distractions or interruptions”
William Berkey, NV

Many people begin their careers by working with children but feel the need to quickly move on to other venues, usually because of a fear of problem children or bad kids behavior. If you simply don’t like children and in no way enjoy working with them, this book will not help you. This book was written for someone else.This book is yours if you enjoy the unbridled laughter of children, if you appreciate a purer view of life that children seem to have, if you relish the funny things that kids say in their spontaneous comments, but you get frustrated when these potentially difficult behaviors get out of control. If this describes things you’ve felt before then THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU!
“Believe me, if you read this book and put Julian’s knowledge and experience to practice, you’ll leap far ahead as a kidshow entertainer.”
David Ginn, Kid Show Guru

Stop Worrying

There is no need to fear bad children. There is no reason to dread kids behavior. There is no need to request the parents to medicate the children prior to your arrival. You can instead use the tools of Behavior Management.

These tools will allow you to direct the very experience of your audience. Children will behave as you want them to, getting excited when you want them clapping, and getting feather-quiet when you need. You will be able to quickly analyze why a problem child is acting the way they are and instantly develop a method of adapting to their needs in order to get them to meet YOUR needs.

Can a solid understanding of behavior management techniques result in such drastic differences in results? Of course!

“Everyone who works with children should own this book to read and digest, re-read and reference.”
Jim Kleefeld, Review in MUM Magazine

Ninja Mind Control?
Jedi Mind Trick? Or something else?

It has long been a fantasy to somehow control the mind, thoughts, and actions of another. Works of fiction present ideas like hypnotism in movies like “The Manchurian Candidate”, the Jedi Mind Trick from the Star Wars movies, and the idea of Ninja mind control from the grist mills of Hong Kong. While these ideas are grossly exagerated, the fact is that there are amazingly powerful behavior control techniques that are readily available to all of us, if we are only willing to take the time to learn the skills.

It takes practice, and the results, even after the techniques have been learned and mastered, are not always instantaneous. But there is no doubt that the ability to direct the perception of your audience’s experience is something that every performer or teacher, regardless of medium or message, regardless of audience size, age, or composition, should have as a standard and constantly working tool.

You will find all those tools within the pages of this book.

“I wish he had written before I had my own children, because there are techniques that will work at home, too…Three words say it best: Buy this book.”
Trixie Bond, Review in Magic Magazine

Don’t Discipline! This is not a book on discipline. There is no need to put yourself in the position of disciplinarian or enforcement officer. You need to learn to establish expectations WITHOUT creating rules that will need to be enforced. This book teaches you several methods of doing just that.

“…The pleasures of performing for children will doubtless be enhanced after studying this pragmatic manual.”
Genii Magazine

What Else Will You Learn?

  • 8+ methods of directing behavior
  • Why children misbehave
  • How to increase desired behaviors
  • How to decrease negative behaviors
  • Dealing with shy children
  • Dealing with a particularly difficult child
  • Handling power struggles (not what you think!)
  • Why “nipping it in the bud” is not always the best method for dealing with bad behavior and how it can often times make matters MUCH WORSE.

Whether you are a full-time pro who makes your living working with children or someone just starting out in a new role as baby sitter, substitute teacher, or Sunday School teacher, this book will provide you the tools to fearlessly face one of the most potentially difficult, but unquestionably the most rewarding audiences you can find.
Who Needs This Book?

Whether you are a juggler, clown, magician, musician, storyteller, puppeteer, ventriloquist, speaker, presenter, educator, or artist, this book will provide you with behavior management tools that will make your life easy. Everyone from frustrated parents to pediatric doctors and dentists will learn amazing insights to their children’s behavior. Whether you intereact with children all day long as part of your primary vocation, or just once in a while as a volunteer at your church, scout group, or your child’s elementary school your effectiveness will skyrocket and your difficulties dissolve once you learn and apply the principles in this book.

If you perform birthday parties, school assembly programs, library programs, work as a substitute teacher, or in any other way find yourself in front of a new group of children on a regular basis, this book will teach you to quickly adapt so that you can accomplish your objectives.
“Should prove invaluable to the working professional entertainer…Highly Recommended.”
Phil Wilmarth, Editor of “The Linking Ring”

The author is a full-time children’s performer who honed his behavior management skills in one of the toughest forums available. For eight years he worked as the behavior specialist in the public school setting working with behavior issues that ranged from children with Autism to children with Severe Emotional Disturbance whose behavior radically impacted their ability to work in a traditional classroom.

After almost a decade of work in the field, over $25,000 in specialized training, and a career of practical application experience, Julian Franklin now shares the real secrets of effective behavior management from a unique perspective: that of a performing artist.

Every other behavior management book on the market addresses LONG-TERM behavior improvement. What you need are the tools to get through a single presentation, a single class or meeting, or a single evening. You don’t have months to shape behavior, you need tools that work IMMEDIATELY.

That’s what this book provides.