Are you a Renegade?  Me? I am a competitive, obstinate renegade.

I reject the conventional box I’m “supposed” to fit into.

I’ve been entrepreneurial since I was a kid, with my first business “Chores R Us” offering household chores for my neighbors, when I was 10.

I started lifting weights when someone told me “you will always be a shrimp” and will always be skinny.”

I became a friggin’ magician when people told me “you can’t make a living doing magic.”

They say: “YOU CAN’T DO IT…”

I say: “WATCH ME!”

If I don’t like the rules or the status quo, I challenge them, ask why, and look to change them.

I created my own business because I want to do what I want to do.

I believe in a world that’s abundant and beautiful and good. If you do what you love, what you’re here to do, the universe will support you.

And I believe in a world where every single person is here with a gift that the world needs.

Maybe some of these ideas resonate with you. Maybe you’re a renegade, too.

If so, you need to stop doing what you have always done you need a different set of “competitive renegade” business rules.

Consider these 10 Rules for Competitive Renegade Success in Show Business & Life:

#10 – Bet on Yourself You’ve got to believe in yourself.

Know your value. You matter. You are here for a purpose. The world NEEDS the gift you’ve got. Stop hiding. Take the risks. Have faith. You can succeed. You WILL succeed. Get help from neuroscience if you need it, and rewire your brain. Hire a coach. Find a mastermind. Get whatever support you need so that you can bet on yourself and be a RAT… a Real Action Taker.

Rule #10: Be brave enough, passionate enough, and confident enough to bet on yourself.

#9 – Dive into Mastery Never be okay with mediocrity.

Study your craft. Dive into it. Embrace learning. Don’t read one book or watch one video and call it done. Read 10 books. Watch 5 documentaries.

Find someone who’s successful and cyber-stalk them. Okay, not really. But watch everything they do and how they do it. Learn. Look for the patterns, the maps, the consistent elements that allow you to understand the subject at a deeper level.

When you understand the underlying principles you know how to create a system that will work for you. Always seek continual improvement. The Japanese call it Kaizen – continual improvement and change for the better. Do #9 and you’ll find #10 is easier. There’s a confidence that comes when you know your stuff.

Rule #9: Stop playing small and embrace mastery of your craft.

#8 – Momentum It’s cliche but true.

The first step is the hardest.

Ypu can’t sit around all day waiting for things to get better or gig bookings to come in “magically.” You have to get to work.

Once you’re off the couch, don’t sit back down! Get into momentum – daily action, consistency, habits… If something isn’t working, change it. But don’t quit moving!

Rule #8: Momentum. Get it. Keep it.

#7 – Know When to Say No

Successful people know when to say no.

Look at your to do list and for every item on it, ask yourself…

Is this actually necessary? What if it doesn’t get it done? Cross it off and forget it.

Is there another way to get it done? Automate, outsource, get creative.

Do I have to handle this personally, or can someone else handle this for me? Delegate it.

Be ruthless with how you spend your time.

Think about what you’re doing. Make smart choices.

What matters most to you? Align the way you spend your time with your values. Say no to everything that’s out of alignment.

Rule #7: Know your values and when to say no to things that are out of alignment.

#6 – Focus on Action

You can only control you.

Don’t focus on goals that are out of your control.

Set a goal based on ACTION and don’t let yourself off the hook – ever.

What are the daily actions that move you consistently towards your goals?

What are the steps you need to take to reach a goal? Break it down, then focus on the actions.

Rule #6: Break your goals down into action steps, then focus on the actions you can control.

#5 – Learn to Love the Grind

 Enough with the “7-Minute” systems.

Stop looking for the “easy button” or the magical answer.

You want a profitable business? Grab a hammer and BUILD it.

You want to get in shape? Do the d*mn work.

Don’t look for 7-minute solutions. Stop being afraid of the P90X version of your grind.

I didn’t drop 80 lbs and get my blood sugar, blood pressure and hormones under control by spending 7-minutes a day exercising and continuing to eat crap because it’s easier. I took massive action and changed my life – from what I ate to how I spent my time. For 60 days I spent 90 minutes a day on an elliptical machine. And then I did Insanity. Twice. Obsessive? Maybe. Results? Like people couldn’t believe.

Now I’ve got abs and can leg press 1,000+ lbs. Not because I do a 7-minute a day DVD. But because I’m at the gym 5 days a week for at least an hour, doing cardio I hate, lifting I love, and choosing to mostly skip the carbs (because pizza isn’t always worth it, but sometimes it is and no rule is absolute). The point? I’ve embraced the grind. I fell in love with the hard work it takes to achieve the results I want.

Rule #5: Embrace the grind. Do the work. Be obsessive about the things that matter.


#4 – Take Care of Your Body

Exercise. Eat right. Get enough sleep.

Taking care of your body is the only way to keep yourself functioning at optimal levels.

You can’t think clearly, you can’t brainstorm creatively, you can’t do your best work, if you don’t take care of your body. Create healthy habits. Build them into your daily routine.

Draw “non-negotiable” lines in the sand of what the essentials are that you WILL complete each day.

Discover bio-hacking. Get into physical and emotional intelligence.

Rule #4: Peak performance requires intentional care of your physical & emotional well-being.

#3 – Challenge Yourself

Set timers, cut your deadlines in half, challenge yourself to get things done faster. Tasks expand to take the amount of time we allow.

I taught myself to speed read. Because knowledge is power.

I spent hours practicing with typing programs. Now I type nearly 100 wpm. These are things anyone can do, if they choose to.

Don’t give yourself a pass – improve the skills that allow you to improve. Challenge yourself at every turn.


 Rule #3: Set timers, cut your deadlines in half, challenge yourself to get things done faster.

#2 – Passion Not Perfection

Stop trying to get things perfect. They’ll never ever be perfect. Instead, go after what you’re passionate about.

Let your passion keep you fueled and motivated.

And let it shine through in everything you do.

Because THAT is what will attract the right people, opportunities and business to you.

Rule #2: Forget about perfection, focus on passion to attract the right people & opportunities.

#1 – Forget the Rules

Don’t follow the rules. Question them.

Sure, there are certain lines you’ll always want to color inside of (mostly with things like, you know, the IRS…). But question any other “shoulds” or “musts” or “gotta do it this way, in this order.”


Why do you need to follow the rules and someone else’s process?

You’re a renegade.

You know deep down what works for you.

You know deep down what you need to do right now.

You already KNOW what to do to succeed!

So, why aren’t you doing it yet?

What’s stopping you?

Want to succeed? Rule #1: Forget the Rules

If you’re ready to have the uncomfortable conversation about where you’re at vs. where you know you’re destined to be – get on my calendar and let’s chat about how I can give you the kick in the pants you’re ready for.  Go to