It seems like no matter what is going on in the world or what the economy is doing…There are many magicians who are complaining about the lack of corporate work.

In fact, many top pros are having to resort to getting a regular job to make ends meet.

On the other hand, there are some magicians who are thriving and doing better than ever.

What is the difference?

The difference is that the magicians who are prospering are solving specific problems a company has while other magicians are just trying to sell “entertainment.” 

There is no question that many companies have cut back or eliminated banquets, parties, and other entertainment type of functions due to the pandemic.

The magician who is just trying to sell “just entertainment” for those types of events might have gotten some virtual work but in many cases has been experiencing a struggle.

However, companies are always looking for ways to increase sales and motivate their employees by teaching them specific skills they can use and get immediate results from.

The magician who can guarantee that he/she will increase the number of qualified sales leads through his/her program (and PROVE it) is going to be able to get work and get paid handsomely for it.

The magician who can teach sales and management people how to be more productive and increase their sales is going to be able to get work.

The magician who has been doing a mean sponge ball routine and invisible deck for virtual cocktail parties is almost always going to get paid less.

But you know what?

Having The Right Type Of Show Still Isn’t Enough! 

Sorry bucko, but in addition to having a great show, you need to have superior marketing and sales skills. 

Seriously, even if you’re the best magician who ever lived, you’re not going to get booked if no one know about you. That makes sense doesn’t it.

So think about how you can become a problem solver and then develop a world-class marketing plan. 

Before you know it, the bookings will be rolling in.


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