Julian Franklin’s Promotional Prestidigitation


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This is a book on different ways to magically hand out your contact information.  This is a great book for restaurant magicians as it teaches dozens of simple ways to leave your audience with your contact information WITHOUT having to do business card tricks.  There are still a few good business card effects so it makes a valuable resource for salesmen, business professionals, and trade show workers, too.  This book was written for those with an understanding of magic.

Having written over 20 books, produced several audio programs, and authored hundreds of published magazine articles, Julian Franklin abilities and knowledge are well renowned around the world, as an authority in marketing, business and educational assembly programs.

His expertise in human behavior was founded with a very strong education and refined and honed in the jungles of real-world business. Unlike many speakers who only talk about business success, Julian Franklin has a long list of successful businesses he has started and still manages and operates.