Julian Franklin’s Business of Magic Newsletter Collection


A massive collection of Julian’s newsletter articles published to his now vaulted blog and available ONLY through MakeMagicMoney.com



Having written over 20 books, produced several audio programs, and authored hundreds of published magazine articles, Julian Franklin abilities and knowledge are well renowned around the world, as an authority in marketing, business and educational assembly programs.

His expertise in human behavior was founded with a very strong education and refined and honed in the jungles of real-world business. Unlike many speakers who only talk about business success, Julian Franklin has a long list of successful businesses he has started and still manages and operates.

This is a massive collection of Julian’s newsletter articles published to his now vaulted blog and available ONLY through MakeMagicMoney.com

What is This Book – In Julian’s Own Words.

“As the e-newsletter craze really began growing in the early 2000s I found two distinctly different types in my e-mail inbox each month.

The first was a monthly or twice monthly newsletter that would more accurately be described as a SALESletter and the second was a weekly or even daily barrage of feel-good quotes, or constantly recycled marketing advice. I wanted to create something different. First of all, I wanted to be able to offer legitimately valuable advice and insights that others would find useful. I wanted the newsletter to be a welcome sight, rather than the subscribers to feel that it was a time consuming clutter in their day. Lastly, as a business person and purveyor of marketing advice, I felt the obvious compulsion to make the newsletter something that generated income for me and my business. So I wrote what I felt were meaningful articles. Usually the topics were subjects that I found interesting but couldn’t work them into one of my two regular magazine columns.

If they were good ideas but weren’t long enough to fill the needs of my magazine editors then they were PERFECT for the newsletter because I wanted this product to be quick and lean so long articles were out. It was a very logical fit. This is also how I kept the newsletter something that subscribers look forward to reading. I kept the topics relevant and real, avoided sales pitches, and tried to keep everything as brief and readable as possible.

Still, I needed the newsletter to generate income, and so I began creating product offerings. Instead of blending them into the newsletter I offered them as mid-month updates. In this way I felt that anyone who DIDN’T want to read about what I was selling could simply delete that newsletter without reading it. No need to get mad and unsubscribe, just don’t read the issues that arrive around the 15th of the month! What I found out through customer comments and interviews is that people enjoyed the mid-month updates as much as the newsletter but appreciated the distinction which allowed them to make the decision to read them or not.

I hope you find as much value as my subscribers have.”