Julian Franklin’s Explosive Productivity


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Explosive Productivity Lecture – This lecture was given LIVE at the very first “Eric Paul Super Conference”. One of the very last lectures of the event, this talk was developed to help everyone get the most out of all the amazing information delivered at the conference.

Why is there so often a disconnect between goal SETTING and goal GETTING? If you’ve ever had a goal on your radar for more than a few years but just can’t seem to grab it; if you’ve ever bought a program or system but didn’t implement it; if you’ve ever started an exercise program but quit; if you’ve ever done something that seemed to take your farther from your goals rather than closer and not understood why — this talk will not only fill you in on WHY these things happen, but will detail specific steps to correct things in the future.

Having written over 20 books, produced several audio programs, and authored hundreds of published magazine articles, Julian Franklin abilities and knowledge are well renowned around the world, as an authority in marketing, business and educational assembly programs.