Today we are going back to basics… basics with a TWIST!

Today we are going to cover the tool you use most of the to book shows and even more importantly, I show you how to make it work better for you!

Drum roll please…

Your most used marketing tool – your business card.

IMPORTANT WARNING:  Everything from this point forward will be coming from the assumption that you have a killer show, i.e. product.  This is your first and foremost marketing tool but I will assume you have that covered.  You just want to get it in front of more paying customers.

Here’s the SECRET…Never hand out a business card!


That’s right.  Never hand out “A” business card.

I always hand out three or more when someone asks for a card. They are so inexpensive nowadays that you can afford to do it.  It is also training your prospects that you accept referrals.

If they liked you enough to ask for your card, they like you enough to share you with a friend! PLUS your card is STILL the ticket to not only your phone number but your email, your website, and your social media channels which all contain lots of great promo about you (or at least they should!!) 😉

I get many, many shows this way, and create many, many relationships that turn into big bucks!  Don’t let the simplicity of this fool you.

It also does something else that is absolutely amazing!… It conditions YOU to be on the look-out for potential gigs!

Freely handing out your contact info does something to your reticular activator.  That’s just a fancy way of saying that it comes to the forefront of your mind and stays in the conscious.

If you are always handing out multiple cards, freely handing out give-aways with your contact info on them, having cards handy in the back of the room for folks to take, and putting your cards on bulletin boards wherever you go, leave them on the counters in public shopping areas, restaurants, etc. – you are training yourself to be proactive about your career.

My challenge to some of my past coaching clients and It Factor LIVE members was to try it for 90 days. That is typically how long it takes to form a habit.  You will see a dramatic change in how your business is growing. Sure there’s more to it, but just trust me on this – it works!

Tomorrow  I’ll share with you the script I use when handing them out.  It’s unbelievable!