Every day Facebook grows by leaps and bounds. Millions of new Facebook users continue to join Facebook to connect with family and friends, and savvy businesses are recognizing the opportunity that awaits them to increase targeted traffic to their websites using Facebook. Follow these simple steps to increase your traffic to your site.

Create a fan page where Facebook users can come to find out more about your business. Networking is important with any business and setting up a fan page that has relevant information about your business. You can offer free downloads, tips & tricks, coupons, discounts, etc.

Keep your Facebook page interesting so that your followers keep checking in and so that you grow your following. Remember to use your Facebook page to bring targeted traffic to your website. For example, a link to your website for a free e-book download, or a link to your site to sign up for a newsletter.

Facebook allows you to post updates relating to your products or services. Don’t post too often or your fans may not trust you. Then again post too little and you may not keep their interest. Keep your posts short, to the point, and interesting. Remembering offering “free stuff” grabs people’s attention and makes them want to follow you.

Make use of keywords so that people can find your Facebook page both through Facebook and through the regular search engines. Keywords are not just powerful when used correctly on your website, they are powerful when used with your Facebook page.

When looking for marketing opportunities we sometimes overlook the most obvious, which can also be the most powerful. In this case, it’s Facebook. Best of all setting up a Facebook page is free – there are few free marketing opportunities that are this powerful – make good use of it!