Julian Franklin’s Simple Tricks To Blow Minds


Simple Tricks To Blow Minds is Julian Franklin’s Rock Solid Strolling Repertoire made available for the magic community. This item along with ALL JULIAN FRANKLIN PRODUCTS are available ONLY through MakeMagicMoney.com



Julian has a very simple criteria for putting magic into his strolling repertoire.

  • The effect must be very simple to perform (no difficult sleights, preferably none at all)
  • It must work 100% of the time
  • It must be examinable before, during, and after the trick, even if the spectator grabs at unexpected times
  • It must be completely inexplicable to the lay audience
  • It must be entertaining
  • It must reset instantly or very quickly, and…
  • It must fit in my pocket.

If it doesn’t fit those criteria, it doesn’t get used. This leaves him with about 7 close-up tricks that I’m willing to share.  This is the close-up magic he has performed for strolling work.  Included will be some card effects, some coin effects, a bill switch routine, and others.  The good thing about this is that the routines are SIMPLE.  Finger flickers might be disappointed.  If you don’t like to get caught, most of these routines are sleight free.  The few routines explained that do that use sleights are simple to learn, with a little bit of practice.

Book content include:

  • Julian’s Thoughts on Close Up Magic
  • Elevator Card Trick
  • Combining Effects for Maximum Impact
  • Copper Silver Transposition
  • Hopping Halves
  • Julian’s Thoughts on the Himber Wallet
  • Signed Card to Himber Wallet
  • Julian’s Thoughts on Card Tricks (Setting Yourself Apart)
  • Criss-Cross Prediction
  • Birthday Card Phenomenon
  • Approaching Tables
  • Bill Switch to Coin Purse
  • What Julian Loves About Strolling Magic
  • And More!

Having written over 20 books, produced several audio programs, and authored hundreds of published magazine articles, Julian Franklin abilities and knowledge are well renowned around the world, as an authority in marketing, business and educational assembly programs.

His expertise in human behavior was founded with a very strong education and refined and honed in the jungles of real-world business. Unlike many speakers who only talk about business success, Julian Franklin has a long list of successful businesses he has started and still manages and operates.