Magic Wand Cut Outs (CLOWN STYLE)



One of the BIGGEST challenges magicians face today is getting LOST in the sea of all the competition. You perform at a party or special event,you do a great job,people take photos of you performing and you get compliments after, but then…They Forget Your Name!

Well for years I knew about a trick which is a standard dealer item,made by many different manufacturers,where you bring out a wand and it turns into a picture of a rabbit or a little magician. Well I always thought this effect was fun, but just didn’t have enough of an impact to add it to my show, until recently!

I came up with the idea to create a magic wand that turns into one of those fun carnival cut outs we’ve all put our head through at the local zoo or carnival – they’ve been around for years! Well one of the great things about those are that they totally HIDE your body so when you stick your head in,it REALLY LOOKS like you have turned into the cartoon on the front of the board.

The Brad Ross Magic Wand Cut Out measures a beautiful 57″ TALL by 18″ WIDE with plenty of room above and below the cut out for the face,so you can use this with kid volunteers or even adults with no fear that the bottom of the banner will drag on the ground.

We have added EXTRA sturdy construction to the banner wand TOP &BOTTOM. There is a 1/4″ thick wooden rod at the top to keep it taught &straight and the bottom features a 1/4″ STEEL ROD to add extra weight and really make the banner SNAP STRAIGHT DOWN. It works so well!