Julian Franklin & Eric Paul Interview


Eric Paul Interviews Julian Franklin. This item along with ALL JULIAN FRANKLIN PRODUCTS are available ONLY through MakeMagicMoney.com




Eric Paul Interviews Julian Franklin.  In this interview, recorded in the Spring of 2008, Eric and Julian talk at length about the importance of finding a niche. The conversation goes into depth about how to find a niche and then exactly how to position yourself to capitalize on that niche. The entire conversation stems from the initial question about creating a Unique Selling Proposition, or USP. If you’ve ever wondered about your own USP or contemplated how or why to create one, this interview will make the process quite understandable.

Having written over 20 books, produced several audio programs, and authored hundreds of published magazine articles, Julian Franklin abilities and knowledge are well renowned around the world, as an authority in marketing, business and educational assembly programs.