It Factor LIVE Workshop 2015


Celebrating our 5th Anniversary – It Factor LIVE 2015 allowed us to bring together another crop of incredible entertainment entrepreneurs whom you’ll get to join in this exclusive home study system and be a FLY ON THE WALL as they open their businesses up and you too will learn along with them from our team of elite presenters & coaches.



If You Missed The Ultimate Transformational Magic Marketing Event of It Factor LIVE 2015, Here’s YOUR Chance To Learn The Secrets & Strategies That Will Revolutionize YOUR BUSINESS!!!

Our team of master consultants will take you by the hand, through the magic of video and help you with your business – it’s like hiring a bunch of pros to guide you. The techniques and business building strategies our presenters share, are the same closely guarded secrets they have built their own careers on. NOW you have a chance to skip to the head of the line and eliminate all the guesswork, frustration and wasted time and dollars.

Take a look at what you’ll learn INSIDE this home study system:

  • Brad Ross’ “Your Business Roadmap To Success”
  • Tommy Hilcken: Attitude Drives Revenue 
  • Jinger Leigh Kalin: Greatest Performance Secrets Revealed
  • John Carlson: Get Booked Solid… TODAY! 
  • David Farr: How to Think Like An Internet Marketing Wizard 
  • Brad Ross: Ultimate Social Media Strategies 
  • Matt Episcopo: Action Unleashed & Time Management 
  • Mark Comley: How to Book Fairs & Festivals 
  • Craig Neier: Secrets of Agents & Managers
  • Our Famous Hot Seats with Keith Tussing, Ron Pearson, Al Moessinger, and Mark & Sylvia Boody.
  • The 2015 Marketer of the Year Contest with 4 RED HOT Attendees 
  • Brad Ross: Ultimate Sales Funnel System for Magicians & Entertainers
  • And so much more!