How bad do you want SUCCESS? I was just having a conversation with my neighbor who is also an entrepreneur and has literally spent the last 6 1/2 years working on a software project that could result in millions to BILLIONS of dollars… or fail and make ZERO

Why is he taking the risk? Why do any of us take the risk of running our own businesses?


It’s when you want something so bad that you can’t think of anything else.

You can’t sleep. You can’t eat. You can’t even take the short hike to the mailbox without your mind racing back to that singular object of desire.

You are DRIVEN.

You want SUCCESS.

And it has to be on your own terms. You’re not going to let someone else define the size and scope of your dreams. You know exactly what you want, how it looks, and the way it will feel deep inside once you achieve it.

Yeah baby, you will definitely show the world that you have what it takes to create the life and business of your dreams. And this isn’t some selfish, self- centered, short-term ambition.

You’re in this adventure for the long haul, because you not only want to prove something to yourself, you want to make real meaning in the lives of your family, your friends, and your customers. It’s a beautiful thing you’re working to achieve.

But you know it won’t be easy. And you know you’re going to face some tough times. Travel rocky paths. Maybe even bump up against some brick walls. That’s okay.

We all need some help along the way. And real help from folks who’ve trod those treacherous paths before you is available. They’ve cleared the way and made straight the trail you know you want to take.

If you need some help – in any part of your business journey – reply back to this email and say HELP ME BRAD.

-Brad Ross