Happy Friday!!!!  And it’s FREEEEEZING here in NJ!

We are bracing for what is expected to be the coldest day since 1994!!!!!!  Tomorrow’s gonna be 0 degrees
and -19 wind chill!

How many more days left till Spring!??!

So since its FREEZING outside… lets talk about 4 fantastic ways to FREEZE your competition in the
business of shows, which of course boils down to:

a) Having a great show.

b) Marketing the crap out of it.

You need both parts.  a) without b) or b) without a) will only get you so far… and so far is not so good.

Hence, I offer to you what I’ve boiled down to the “Fantastic Four” rules of Marketing… based on insights
from the always fantastic Dan Kennedy. I call them the “Always Be’s”

Thus… in ALL your marketing, there will ALWAYS BE:

1) An offer or offers.  

Do you know EXACTLY what you’re offering to your customer with your show?  Can you spell it out clearly and succinctly? If not, you need to boil it down to crystal clarity.

2) A reason to respond now.

Make your offers URGENT – give them a reason to decide right away. This could be tied to your calendar filling up rapidly, some kind of special deal you offer for saying yes right now, or a bonus that goes away.

3) Clear instructions on how to respond.

This is especially crucial on a website or a sales letter. Don’t let confusion reign – make certain that your prospect knows exactly what you want them to do in order to respond to your offer.  Call now. Email now. Click the buy button now.

4)  Strong sales copy.

You have to write (or have written for you) solid sales copy that delivers big time on the benefits of your show. The copy should be taut, terse, gut-wrenching, fist-pounding, emotionally draining, and completely compelling – a solid sales message highlighting the incontrovertible FACT that YOU are the only
rational solution to the problem facing your prospect.

If you base all your marketing on the Fantastic Four, you will see solid business results this year and in the years to come.

That’s all for now…
Kick Butt with Your Marketing and…

Do What You LOVE &
LOVE What You Do!

Brad Ross