Today I’ll share with you the script I use when handing out my business cards (plural, remember?).

And yes, I have a script for this.  I try to have a script for most everything including the shows, phone calls, pitching, sales calls, of course, but also phone scripts, prospecting scripts
and what to say when you meet the “movers and shakers” at an event or a networking function.

They serve me well and are designed with very specific purposes in mind.  You may find them useful too.

Off to the b-cards…

Joel Bauer has a killer script he uses that I would recommend you check out if you ever get the chance.

It is very, very well done.  However, I don’t think those words would ever come out of my mouth the exact way he delivers it.
Different styles.

When someone asks me I say…

“Oh sure, let me see if I have some more.  Those folks over there were just asking me too.”  Tap around pockets and take out wallet.

“Let’s see, ooops, I must have given out my last one, I’m sorry.”  Show an empty wallet.  Blow on the wallet, re-open it and the cards appear.

I use a very nice, leather, z-fold wallet for this.  A lot of magic dealers sell cheapo plastic ones.  I don’t recommend you use these.

“Oh good, here you go.”  Hand him three or more.  “I couldn’t just ‘give’ you one, could I?”  Laugh and smile lots here.”

“Here are a few so you can give some to your friends.”

Hand them to him but retain one.

“Just be careful to use them soon, they could disappear at any time.”  Do a standard back palm and reappearance. Return the last card to the prospect.  We both laugh.

Very importantly here- Bring your hand up to your face as you are making the card reappear so that you are framing the card and your face together.

Even though my face is very prominently printed on my card, I want the last thing the prospect to see/remember is the card and my big, smiling face together!

So there’s an easy script that I use very effectively.

Let’s look at a few of the key points that will help you when scripting your own.

1)  I purposely imply that others were asking me.  That helps to plant urgency in the mind of the prospect because I am in demand.  I reinforce this by not having any more

2)  I have fun with it.  Keeping this brief and funny is key for me.  I want them to remember having fun with me and giving them as much of my personality as I can, but I also know that when one is asking, there are others right behind them that I should be talking to also.

3)  Don’t forget the “framing” I spoke about.  I know that one of my strongest attributes is my big smile and ability to look someone directly & lovingly in the eyes.  I use this to my advantage.

Big tip of the day – Know your strengths and use them!

Tomorrow I will share with you one more tip on business cards.  This is the one I’ll bet very few of you are doing and it gets me tons of business.  It’s all about proactive marketing!

I don’t believe that luck just happens to us, we create it- and I’ll give you a perfect example tomorrow!