Today, we’re going to talk about eight keys for making your business soar. I’ve been talking with a lot of folks interested in my private coaching program, Magic Marketing Warriors, and I have been discovering that a lot of folks are operating their business WITHOUT key foundational elements.

So let’s dive into some simple things you can do TODAY!

1. You need to have a dynamic show. Goes without saying right? Then how come there are so many really lousy performers out there? We’ve all seen them. The problem is that no one believes that their show sucks. Every magician who buys a trick at their local magic shop believes that they are good.  I can sum it up perfectly like this….The problem with most magicians is that they want to do the tricks that they like, not what the audience likes.

My God, how many Copperfield clones do you think are out there? How many dead boring finger flingers actually charge money for their “talent”? How many people doing “camera tricks” on facebook, instagram & youtube call themselves magicians?!?  How many magicians who are into the mystery and drama of magic try to do that stuff at birthday parties? The answer: WAY TOO MANY.

Here’s the problem. When someone hires a lousy band they don’t naturally assume that all bands are bad BUT when someone hires a bad magician for a a corporate event, good luck if you’re the next magician who tries to get hired.  Bottom line: Make sure you don’t suck.

2. You need a Unique Selling Proposition. I started teaching the concept of having a “USP” to entertainers before anyone else. No, I didn’t create the concept but I was the first to reveal it to performers.  It is one of the foundational building blocks to having incredible success as an entertainer. If you need help with creating your USP – reply back to this email and say HELP ME BRAD.

3. You need to constantly be marketing. When things start going well we have a tendency to slack off a little bitand that’s when trouble starts. You must always be generating leads, sending out promo packages, emailing prospects, driving traffic to your website, making follow-up calls, etc.  Always. You may not notice the effects of slacking off immediately but down the road your lack of marketing is going to bite you and bite you hard.

4. Consistency is the key to success. It’s far better to do a little bit of marketing consistently than it is to do a whole bunch at one time and quit. For example, it’s better to mail out 25 lead generation letters every week than it is to mail out 300 letters at one time and never do another mailing again.

5. You’ve got to give your marketing TIME to work. DO NOT PROGRAM JUMP… or start an idea… start a new strategy – give it a day or a week then when you don’t get results immediately go on to something new… THAT WILL NEVER WORK!  Too many people today want the efforts they make to work instantly.

The desire for instant gratification is one of the major reasons people fail in life. They want success now. Sorry, that’s not the way things work. You must market constantly and then give your marketing time to work.

6. Always talk about the BENEFITS of your show not just the features. I see this ALL THE DAMN TIME on magicians promotional materials & websites… its all about THEM – how great they are, how many awards they have won and very little about WIIFM – whats in it for the client.

Many people still make this error when writing marketing materials. They write about the features of their act. “I make a rabbit appear… I make birds disappear… I have lots of colorful magic in my show… I do award winning slight of hand.”

To that I answer SO WHAT?!?!
Not to be rude, but asking SO WHAT…???

A benefit is what your client gets from the features of your show.

Don’t get me wrong. Thereís nothing wrong with letting the prospects know about the features of your show. In fact, it’s necessary. Just make sure you tell them what the end results of those features are going to mean for them.

7. You need to use testimonials. Ya gotta get your customer & clients TALKING Sorry to hurt your ego, but people are not going to believe you just because you say your show is the greatest thing since sliced bread. You need a LOT of proof to convince them and this means using testimonials.You can never have enough of them.  Testimonials can come in the form of written, recommendation letters, video testimonials, reviews, even just simple audio accolades.

8. Staying in contact with your past customers. Most performers do a show and never contact that customer again. This is foolish! You need to have a serious of custom TOUCHES throughout the year.  I suggest at least once a month with a newsletter (PRINT & EMAIL) as well as 1 NON-SALES email a week to your list – so you build top of mind awareness.

The same people will hire you over and over again provided you did an exceptional job the
first time and you stay in contact with them. You should be sending them a newsletter every single month.

So there you go, between yesterday & today…eight fundamental principles to success. If you’re marketing isn’t working, you’re probably violating one of these principles.

Kick Butt With Your Marketing and…

Do What You Love
& LOVE What You Do!-Brad Ross