I was having a conversation with a coaching client today and he posed a problem… “How do I know what my customers need?” 

Okay lets get one thing straight here…

People don’t buy what they need, they buy what they want

If you give people what they want, you will get rich.

They won’t buy it unless they want it.  Perfect example… a guy NEEDS to buy a new washing machine cause his is crap, but he WANTS a new 65″ 4K TV.

Again, people won’t buy it unless they want itI’m gonna ruffle some feathers here but hear me out…

People don’t care about you and don’t care about what YOU want.  

Don’t even attempt to convince anyone that you have something they should want. That’s a sure path to sales failure.  Instead, find out what people want and give it to them.

So… ~Contact.FirstName~, do you know precisely what your customers want?

Your goal, your mission, your quest – is to know your market so well, so clearly that you know exactly what they want and then you focus like a laser on finding a way to give it to them.

That’s the Ultimate Key to Sales Success.

Think this doesn’t apply to your magic shows or the type of shows you book? Think again.

Too many entertainers go…  “I want to do a show about _________.”  Then they try to find a way to sell it.

This happens with people who want to do educational assembly programs –  they come up with themes they THINK will be of interest to schools, build a whole show around that theme only to find out it’s not selling and schools are not interested in it.

Not smart. The correct approach instead is to figure out…

“What does my customer want so badly
that they’d pay me serious moola to provide to them?” 

Find out what they want and give it to them.