One of the things I hear from entertainers is that they are generating a lot of leads but they’re not converting those leads into sales. 

In other words you have interest from people who call you, visit your website, emails for info, respond to your Gigmasters or GigSalad page, etc…. BUT THEY’RE NOT BOOKING!  WOMP WOMP!
The problem is NOT with the marketing.
The job of a marketing system is to generate leads and set up the sale.
It’s then up to you to CLOSE the sale.

  Remember that sales and marketing are related but different functions.
Over the next several days in this email series I’m going to reveal a simple but very powerful system that will help you close a lot more sales. 

But first, let’s talk about….
There are THREE main reasons why some entertainers don’t make the money they want:
1. They don’t have enough leads coming in.
2. They don’t have any real sales training.
3. They know everything about the tricks they do… the entertainment they provide and about their show but almost nothing about what their prospects want.
In order to be a successful entertainer, you need to know what your prospect wants not what you think they need.
Here is something you need to remember: When you need to book a gig it is very difficult to book a gig. Your prospect will sense your desperation and be hesitant to hire you.

  This problem is alleviated by having a ton of highly qualified prospects contacting you.
Tomorrow I wil share how we find WHO IS A HIGHLY QUALIFIED PROSPECT…
Till then…Kick Butt With Your Marketing and…
Do What You Love
& LOVE What You Do!