It’s hard to believe that virtual shows have become the “norm” in our industry and something that seems to be sticking around for the next 6 months… (at least till we get enough people vaccinated and get out of this pandemic.)

Most people think there is some magical “new” or secret” way to book virtual shows…


Some people even seem to suffer amnesia and act like booking a virtual show is a new concept in show business.


While “PERFORMING” on camera in a virtual show on zoom, is very novel, the act of selling your show… and booking it should be no different than how you sell yourself anytime, anywhere.

Marketing is Marketing is Marketing!

So here are 3 things you MUST have in place in order to book virtual shows… or any shows for that matter in the year 2021.

1.  TARGETED WEBSITE:  It may seem obvious that you need a website, but not just any website will do anymore.

Today your website needs to be straight forward, mobile friendly, and show the prospect what you do through text, photos, and videos.  The site needs to be targeted toward the niche you are trying to attract.

When someone visits your website do they think… “hmmm not sure if this guy does what we want…”  or do they think.  “WOW THIS IS EXACTLY what we are looking for!”

If you are offering virtual shows, it’s important that when a potential customer visits your website, they see your virtual offering FRONT & CENTER.  I can’t tell you how many people have their “virtual offering” buried deep inside their website where a prospect may never look.

This is no different than wanting to sell any featured “in-person show” but hiding it on some random page of your site, rather than giving it a prominent place on the home page.

Make sure your website reflects the type of shows you are currently offering.

Which brings me to our next must have…


In order to convince anyone to buy anything… be it your virtual show… your cruise ship act…. or even a school show… it has to look like you are already performing for these types of clients & at these types of gigs.

It’s long been an insider’s secret, want to book a ship… produce your promotional video on a stage that looks like a cruise ship.

Want to book show assemblies… don’t create a demo video at a birthday… rent a school auditorium and create a video on a stage hat fits the niche.

In virtual gigs…. it’s a lot easier to “fake it till ya make it.”  You can easily “stage” a show in your home studio or do a free show for family & friends to get footage of you performing at “virtual events,” etc.

Then when you create your promotional video, it will look as if you are already working a ton of gigs in this new virtual niche.  Of course you will want your video to be professional, personable and filled with PROOF… social prood that is.

That leads me to # 3…

3.  SOCIAL PROOF:  Social proof is essential in any type of maketing (online, offline, video, social media, etc)

Put simply social proof is the idea that “everyone else is buying this product so I should buy it too.”

Only 5% of the population are leaders and the other 95% are followers.

Humans are herding animals. It’s a survival instinct.

Being part of a “herd” or group of humans helped to protect us from wild animals and other tribes.

So we feel the safest when we feel like we belong to a herd.

In fact as humans that sense of “belonging” is one of our primary psychological needs.

Buying products or services creates anxiety and fear in us and when we’re fearful we subconsciously seek protection and safety.

So our herding instinct kicks in.

And if we see that a whole bunch of other people have also bought and are buying this product or service that helps us feel a whole lot safer in our purchase because we know we’ll “belong” to a large group of happy/ satisfied buyers.

That’s why it’s so important to use testimonials in your sales copy, on your website, in your promotional videos, etc.

It’s also why referral marketing is so powerful.

You literally have someone from your buying herd inviting another person to come to a place where they can feel a sense of belonging.

That’s all for today virtual grasshopper… don’t over complicate booking virtual gigs… and don’t let anyone tell you it’s hard to do so…  Marketing is Marketing is Marketing!