here’s a question that came in from a subscriber to our newsletter who asks:

I have the worst time getting leads to:
a) pick up the phone when I call
b) return my call
…even when they’ve contacted me for a quote! What gives, and how do I turn it around?

Thank you!


Good questions.  That is a problem with customers today – everyone wants info now 24/7/365.  So the best solution honestly is to re-look at your website marketing and create a system to provide prospects with detailed package & pricing info immediately so they don’t have to call you.

If your prospects don’t want to talk on the phone – give them the info in the way they want to get it.  We have a method we teach at our workshop It Factor LIVE  ( called “The Marketing Triangle.”  In short – the right market has to receive the right message in with the right media.  When that happens we make the sale!

My best advise is you have to embrace doing business without talking to someone on the phone.  People want to text & email these days.  In business, in order to keep growing – you must change with the times or your flame burn out. 

Great example of this is one of my favorite restaurants Panera.   They completely revamped the ordering process about 2 years ago. Customers have the option of ordering through their smart-phones, the web or at tablet kiosks upon entering the restaurant (technology haters can still use the counter). The new system also allows customers to pay from their mobile devices and have orders delivered directly to their tables or be waiting for them to pick up as soon as they walk in the door.

This allows ordering to be made easy – and an enjoyable process for every type of customer who eats at Panera.  You can do the same with with how people request information about your show & entertainment services.  Don’t only offer people 1 way to learn about what you do.  Most entertainers resist change and HATE changing with the times.  If you remain stuck in the old ways and how you did business 10 years or even 5 years ago remember this…

In order to keep growing – you must change with the times or your flame burns out.