It’s January 4th. The day we REALLY start 2021 as entrepreneurs.


I can’t believe the holidays are over and 2021 is here! To begin, I want to wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.

I know we’re in an odd time right now with lots of uncertainty, loss and wounds that need healing… but we are also on the bring of a lot of hope.

With all that is going on in the world (and probably in your life), we can crave stability and certainty.  Knowing we can’t control all of our life circumstances, it benefits us to learn how to be in control of what we CAN control.

One of the most important and powerful success strategies for 2021 and beyond is having the proper mindset. 

It doesn’t matter if you know all the greatest marketing secrets on the planet…it doesn’t matter if you have the best show or product…it doesn’t matter if the economy is good or bad…all of that doesn’t make a bit of difference if your head isn’t screwed on correctly. 

You need to have the proper mindset if you are going to succeed at the highest levels.

Remember this:
Negative people get negative results. 

One naturally follows the other. I’m not saying that having the proper mindset means just being positive for the sake of being positive. There are some people who just “bliss out” and “think positive” when their life is in shambles. You don’t want to deny reality.

The key is not to just “think positive” the key is to take positive actions that move you closer toward your goals.

By doing that, you have something to feel positive about. On the other hand, the pessimistic, negative person is not ever going to succeed long term. Even if things are good for this type of person, they will always expect things to turn bad and their expectation becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy.

For the longest time, I thought that working on my “mindset” was a bunch of psycho-babble B.S. that really didn’t amount to a hill of beans. I was wrong. It is extremely important, in fact it is a critical success factor.

However, there are people who take it to the extreme and only work on the “mental stuff”. Remember that no one has ever become a millionaire by just sitting in the corner and meditating. You have to actually do something and continue to do something to succeed. You need to have both the proper mindset and take the right actions to reach the highest levels.

These next few days, take a good, long and deep introspective look at yourself.

Are you a positive or negative person?

Are you taking proactive actions to reach your goals and creating your own opportunities? Or are you merely RE-acting and waiting for the phone to ring or the gig to come in?

Have you prepared yourself on a mental level to do what it takes to create the life you dream about?

 Think about it and then act and make 2021 your best year ever.

Stay tuned for more strategies, tools and training to help you make this year successful & prosperous.