My favorite 4 letter word?  Peaked your curiosity???  Four little letters that are oh so important. No, LOL, its not what you think…

Top of Mind Awareness.

It’s the ability to embed yourself so thoroughly the minds of your prospects and clients that when an opportunity presents itself for requiring some entertainment – they immediately think of YOU.

But how do you get TOMA?

Well, just doing an incredible job whenever you perform is pretty important. That should go without saying.  One of the best ways to be remembered is to simply be memorable.

Another method is GIFTS. After I do a gig, I will ALWAYS take a photo with the client who hired me.  Besides having that pic for social proof when they give me a testimonial (which they always do!) I will put that photo on a THANK YOU CARD and send it to them the following week.

I have also printed the photo up and framed it with a custom “Brad Ross Frame” and mailed it along with a personal handwritten thank you note. That’s definitely a way to keep your face before the right folks.

One of the best ways is to simply stay in touch with a regular PRINTED newsletter. YES I did say PRINTED – you want it to be… dare I say “an old school” ink & paper type newsletter.

It doesn’t have to be extremely fancy, or even focused on magic (in fact it should NOT be all about magic – most people dont care about what we do to that level of interest) – just make it something fun & friendly. A great idea is to use a few puzzles, jokes and general interest items.

Legendary marketer, Dan Kennedy recommends that every business provide a regular printed newsletter to clients and prospects.

I’ve been following this advice since 2001, when I started doing newsletter marketing at the suggestion of Dave Dee & the late Eric Paul.

Forbes recently wrote about “The Revival of the Print Newsletter,” boasting that marketing communications need to cut through the noise of digital channels and one of the best ways to do this is through print communications, like a PRINTED NEWSLETTER.

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