How do you treat your leads, prospects & clients? Like a “number.” Just someone who can pay you $_______ ???

Or are you actually taking on the role of advisor or trusted FRIEND?

 When I’m marketing, writing copy, doing anything to generate leads & make a sale, I’m acting as if I were talking to a friend. In other words… 

… I won’t sell anything I wouldn’t sell to a friend. 

…I won’t create anything I wouldn’t create for a friend. 

…I won’t write anything I wouldn’t write to a friend. 

I see so many businesses, people – even Instagram and Facebook posts that are talking TO a big, broad audience instead of talking to their ideal clients . And those pre-written quotes or inspiring info that doesn’t fit with your brand or your persona, just feels like it’s not coming from YOU.

Can you imagine coming to coffee with a friend with a bunch of pre-written cue cards you just read out over the course of the conversation to be “interesting” or “inspiring”?!

Of course not! You would NEVER do that!

Now on the other hand – can you imagine having coffee with a friend who is planning a party and knows you have a TON of experience doing parties – so she asks for your advice. What do you do? 

You guide her. You mentor her. You treat her like you would any true friend by HELPING HER.

Remember the cardinal rule of marketing – people do business with people they KNOW, LIKE & TRUST… I know I do. 

And to be honest, I love the fact that my BEST CLIENTS who pay me the MOST MONEY, are people I also consider friends. That’s a pretty cool thing.  It’s a freakin amazing way to make a living.  Getting paid to help people you like, get results.

 “But Brad, my business is different – that won’t work for me.” 

This is how good business works.

I have done this in my performing business.  I have done this in my marketing & coaching business.  And I have seen this done in successful businesses from all different niches across the spectrum.

EVERY BUSINESS can market to their clients, prospects and even their leads as if they were helping a friend. If you build trust with people, they will follow you to the moon & back, because they know you will not point them in the wrong direction.

Instead of shouting out stuff like this on social media (and I actually saw these posted within the last few weeks…) 

“If you are looking for the best corporate entertainment in ___such & such city__, call us, look no further.”

“So & So the magician is available for bookings during this time period,________. Call or email us to reserve a date.”

“If you need a magician, clown, puppeteer or face painter – call us at _________ or check out our website



Trust me…it’s VERY do-able. 

Talk to ya soon… From a friend,

Do What You Love & Love What You Do