There are six steps to this System. It is important that you complete each step in the order that they are laid out.

Step #1: Lead Generation. If you follow the coaching & trainings you should have a constant stream of people contacting you. A person who picks up the phone and calls you, or emails you for more information can be considered to be a fairly good prospect.

The key to being a successful entertainer is to contact enough if the right people, with the right message, at the right time.

If you’re doing your marketing correctly, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Step #2: Build Rapport: This is a very important step whether you are talking with someone on the phone or meeting them face to face. You must build up a sense of rapport with your prospect if you expect them to hire you.

Step # 3: Questions: You are going to ask specific questions about what the prospect wants and needs from an entertainer. You want to find out the three main benefits she is looking for.

Step# 4: Prescribe the Solution: A BIG mistake entertainers make is letting the prospect decide what would be best for her. This is wrong! Yes, you want to give her choices BUT you MUST limit those choices and make specific suggestions.

To prescribe the solution you first, repeat back what your prospect has told you during the questioning phase of the System and then say, “Based on what you’re telling me about your event, here’s the type of program I would recommend…”

Here is a key: Talk about your show only in terms of the benefits your prospect says that she wants. Hammer those benefits home and nothing else.

Step #5: Prove it!: This is where you convince the prospect that you are the entertainer she should hire. You do this by using a ton of testimonials. If you’re talking with the prospect on the phone, you can get fax her testimonials while you are talking to her. You can also send a testimonials ebook, a physical booklet through the mail if you are mailing her a proposal/ promotional kit.

BIG TIP: You can have her go to your web site while you talk and have her read your testimonials.

Testimonials are what will convince your prospect to hire you.

Step # 6: Close the sale. Hey, if you don’t close the sale and get the gig the rest of this System is meaningless. There are hundreds and hundred of closes but in reality all you need in ONE, the assumptive/alternate of choice close.

All you do is give your prospect a choice of two or three packages and ask her which one she wants to go with. Example: “Ms. Prospect, do you want to go with the Silver Entertainment Package or The Gold Entertainment Package?” You give her a choice and assume she is going to pick one of those choices. It’s that easy!