How To Easily Make More Money From Each Show You Do

Jay Abraham talks about how there are only 3 ways to grow your business.
The first way is to increase the number of customers that you have. In our case,
it would be the number of shows that you do. The second way is to increase the
amount that you get paid for each show that you do. And the
third way is to do more shows for the same group of people.

Most of us focus primarily on how to get more shows. That is only one part
of the equation. Thatís one building block for growing your business. We
need to focus on the second and third ways to grow our business as well.

Once you’ve got your prospect to agree to your show and your price, you
should then try to add on additional features. (It’s very important before you
try to add on any sales; you get the main sale locked in.)

Here are a couple of examples:

The birthday party magician gets the mom to agree to buy
either the regular package or the deluxe birthday party
package. She’s made that commitment.

Now you can add on goodie bags for all of the kids and sell
her a magic set that you’ll present to the birthday child at
the end of the party. You can also add on other services
unrelated to your show. “We have a wonderful “bounce house/
moon walk.” that we can get you. The kids will love bouncing
around before the cake and ice cream, which will free up
more of your time. And you can get it for just an additional
_______ amount of dollars.”

Now, you may be saying, “Wait a minute, I don’t have a “bounce
house/ moon walk.” It doesn’t matter. What you do is set up joint
alliances with other businesspeople, someone who does have a
moon walk. What other joint alliances can you set up with
other people? Here are some ideas to get your brain

* Clowns
* Face painters
* Pony rides
* Caterers

By forming joint ventures with other related businesses you
create a type of complete, one stop entertainment agency.
Keep in mind that you are not baking the cake, doing the
face painting, and riding in on a pony. You are simply
packaging these services together and adding an extra fee
for the service.

If you’re a corporate performer, you can do the same thing.
Work up joint ventures with:

* Bands
* Caterers
* Florists
* Balloon Artists
* Psychics

Add on sales will dramatically increase your income.

You see, the goal is not to just do more shows. You also
want to get a lot of money for each show you do.

That’s all for today!  Get out there, book more gigs…make more money…

And Do What You LOVE
& LOVE What You Do!

-Brad Ross