As entrepreneurs we often have no problem jumping head first into our business, working long hours, and keeping things running through sheer force of will.

Unfortunately, even small business owners with the highest levels of willpower and determination will reach a point at which they feel stuck or burnt out.

Ever happen to you?

OF COURSE!  LOL  We have all felt that at some time or another – me included.

So what do ya do to get outta a business funk?

Well first, instead of letting these circumstances keep you down, here are a few specific strategies to help get through the rut.

In the beginning, merely acknowledging the feeling of being stuck is critical to moving forward with solutions. It can be tempting for entrepreneurs with incredible perseverance to want to hunker down and keep fighting rather than look under the hood to see what’s causing the problem.

You should, in fact, be asking yourself a lot of questions about how you got into the current state of affairs.

Fear is an emotion often tied to entrepreneurs because we are usually creating our own story as we go and the need to get everything right all the time can be overwhelming.

In these cases, admitting that failure is not only okay, but also a necessary part of many businesses’ success can be a powerful release.

Once the stuck feeling has been acknowledged and probed for answers, it is often a good idea to take a break and attempt to find a new perspective. 

Personally I find that exercise can help clear the mind and let the brain wander a little. I work out every day, not only for the aesthetic benefits (looking good at the beach or pool) and health benefits (fat loss, building muscle, overall well being) but also as a way to just take a break.

Working out & exercise is productive for coming up with solutions to problems in the background while helping to recharge the physical body at the same time.

I have absolutely found that those entrepreneurs who suffer most from “getting stuck in a funk” or “burn-out” do not exercise daily.  Or even if they used to exercise – they stopped and now are in this “funk.”

While each piece of advice up until this point is something that any entrepreneur or business owner can do on their own, it is essential for you to remember that you don’t have to do everything alone.

Reaching out to a business coach, mentor, peer, or even just a friend can lend a great feeling of support during a stressful period.

So if you’re feeling a bit funky lately – hit the gym for a good workout, go for a run or even just a 15 minute walk around the block.  It will get the blood flowin’, the heart pumpin’ and the idea’s popin’!

And I promise it will make you feel better.

Do What You LOVE & Love What You Do!
Brad Ross