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Everyone NEEDS a coach…
with no feedback, no coaching,
there’s just no way to improve.”

-BILL GATES, Founder Microsoft

8 Reasons WHY You Need An Experienced Business Coach Like Brad Ross

You'll Make More Money.

Bottom Line – as an experienced business coach will help you make more money. Every good coach, whether it be sports or business, has a process… and Brad will share his with you.  He’ll help you grow your business to become a saleable asset as a solid brand and help you get the kinds of gigs you want for the kind of money you deserve.

Speed Up Your Results.

Brad will help you get results faster working with proven methods, rather than just guessing your way through. You’ll change overwhelm and overload into “get-it-done” forward progress, by establishing new systems and methods to truly grow your business.

Personal Attention

You’ll get personal attention from someone who knows your business inside and out;  keen awareness of your entire business and way of being. Brad will get you out of your own way.

Ideas & Dreams Become REALITY.

Brad has one goal: to make your ideas into a reality. Although you may have many brilliant ideas for your business, sometimes it’s hard to know where to start and what to tackle first. Brad will evaluate your plans, assess if they are realistic or will be successful and set out a way that you can implement them correctly.


Brad can do wonders for busy entertainment entrepreneurs. As you run a growing biz, everything gets complex; you get busy and sometimes push off things you know are important. This is where having an experienced business coach comes in. Discuss the vital things you need to accomplish in order to achieve your goals.

FEEL BETTER & More Self Confident.

The biggest “pro” is confidence. In entertainment Brad has done it from local market domination to touring the world.  You name it, he’s done it & you’ll leverage his failures and successes – and benefit all the way to the bank.

No Candy Coating.

To really grow, Brad will treat your business as his own and guide you without any biases. This provides a great forum for NO BS advice and mentorship that will propell you faster.

You'll Gain A Needed Confidante.

It’s often hard to talk to people about your true concerns. Spouses & friends don’t get it for different reasons. At the same time, there’s a lot of noise in your head and around you. Brad will provide that confidential, quiet space to focus, be a soundboard and problem-solve the priorities and challenges you face.

You Can’t See The Frame When You’re Inside The Picture.

We ALL need a coach, a mentor and expert in our pocket.  The biggest problem with entrepreneurs and small business owners is that they try to be all things and wear all the hats.  This is especially true with magicians & entertainers!!!  One moment you are a salesman, the next you’re an accountant, and the next you’re designing or assembling products.  How can you possibly do it all?  You can’t.

Having an outside resource to work with, that knows your business and knows targeted, direct response marketing strategies that works is the fastest way to grow your business. 

C’mon, you’ve heard it said before…”Standing on the shoulders of giants.”  Why would you possibly want to clear the path when it’s already been mowed for you?


No doubt you are familiar with Earl Nightengale’s famous story, “Acres of Diamonds.”  He tells of the farmer in South Africa who sells his farm in search of diamond riches.  The man who buys his farm is digging one day and finds the world’s largest diamond – right in his backyard!


Where is your wealth?  Have you uncovered it all?


For a short time, we are offering you the opportunity to work with our team to accelerate your business, increase sales and DOMINATE your target market! 

This is an EXTREMELY LIMITED OPPORTUNITY for you and your business!  There are only so many clients Brad can/ is willing to work with. 

How we can take you from struggling to greater wealth than you can imagine…

This is a completely customized approach to what will work – TODAY – in your business.  And we will supply you with solid, tangible results you will see reflected in your bottom line!


And “Magic Marketing Warriors” Success Coaching Program is all about RESULTS!  



Your very own Personal Marketing Director, Mentor & Coach…

Brad will help you to both create and implement proven systems and repeatable processes that you need so that you can scale your business and start seeing better resukts every day.

He’ll help you to identify the failure patterns, the workflow issues and limiting factors that may be plaguing your business without you even knowing.

We will start with an initial assessment to clearly define your short and long term goals, everything from business & career goals, communication skills to personal visions and dreams. We will use these goals as a foundation to create a strategy for attaining these objectives.

Why BRAD ROSS Is the Coach For You…

Brad talks the talk and walks the walk.  Most entertainers are typically ‘too close’ to their own business and miss highly profitable growth opportunities. They are too busy working IN their businesses instead of working ON their business to grow it.


Brad Ross has a proven track record of success both in his own career as an internationally acclaimed illusionist and as a best selling author, speaker and marketer.  He has helped thousands of magicians around the world make millions of dollars and now he wants to help you!


You’ll not only save you tons of time and money from avoiding costly mistakes – you will greatly accelerate your growth.


While most entertainment entrepreneurs suffer from “Shiny Object Syndrome” – constantly getting off course chasing the next ‘big thing,’ Brad will keep you on task and on track to creating a more profitable business faster.




Just a few of Brad’s Clients Speak Out!

“Brad’s program is absolutely amazing.  He holds you accountable.  The coaching calls are phenomenal.  Any questions you have, Brad is there to help you and use his years and years of professional experience.

the materials, the marketing pieces we designed together, helping me redefine my market, become a celebrity in my market… it all paid off so much. 

As a result, I was so busy with shows that I was able to step up to the next level. I had enough income and I was able to live my dream!  I went from birthdays to college gigs, cruise ships, TV, headlining my own show in Saipan at the Sandcastle Resort and now I’m on tour!

I credit my success to Brad.  I can’t speak highly enough about Brad Ross’ Coaching Program.” 


“If you are serious about your business you need to coach with Brad! 

I worked with Brad Ross and he helped me reinvent my business.  He guided me step-by-step through each phase and Thanks to Brad’s Coaching my business went to the next level.  

Brad really cares about his clients success and is always there to help develop new ideas, new marketing and strategies THAT WORK!

Brad helped me build a brand that known & going strong,  a solid business Structure and improve the overall quality of my marketing.”


“In my first 12 months of coaching with Brad, I benefited a 50% increase to my bottom line with a 25% increase in bookings and 10% more on my price per show…it continues to grow.

Sales INCREASE from $126k to 208k in my first year!  In the 2nd year working with Brad, sales hit 210k by September ALONE!

No other investment that I am aware of can give you that kind of growth!

Brad helps you get the results that you want… THAT YOU DREAM.”



If we didn’t have Brad’s Coaching, we would be sitting at home doing nothing. Brad is amazing about stoking the fires of getting you to be motivated to do the things that you know you need to do…

We made more money in the first two quarters of this year, then we did ALL LAST YEAR. It’s been amazing!

Seriously, he’s been there, he’s done that, he knows what he’s talking about and everybody’s going to get something out of this.

He’s a great BALANCE of motivation and really pushing you to the next phase. We highly recommend getting Brad as your coaching partner.”


Brad’s 3-Step System
To Achieve Massive Entertainment Business Success

1. Decide What YOU Want


Brad works wth you to gain crystal clear find out exactly what you want to achieve and define it in clear terms. The clearer you are the more focused you get. The more focused you get, the more power you gain.

Just remember this formula… Clarity = Power.


2. Create the Plan to GET What You Want

Brad works with you to develop a daily action plan that will bring more gigs on your calendar and more cash into your pocket.

He’ll work backwards from the end result…. your goals, to create a crystal clear set of daily actions that will move you towards your ultimate vision.

This is where you wake up in the morning and you know exactly what you need to do.





Brad will make it so EASY to take action – that all you have to do is follow Brad’s direction and you cannot go wrong.  

In fact, you’ll start seeing results immediately in your business becuase you will be working smarter & more focused than ever before.