Today I’m going to reveal a great strategy I learned years ago from a very successful corporate entertainer and trade show magician who used this system to book trade shows.

He does a mailing to companies in his area around the Fall for Christmas time – marketing a very inexpensive corporate holiday party show.

The price of this show is MUCH less than his regular fee.

 Why does he do it?

Well, at the party, he makes sure that he is introduced to the person who is in charge of outside sales and dazzles them with his best magic. Then, in early January, he mails them a letter and a proposal kit and follows up by telephone & email. Basically he uses a low cost Christmas party show as a lead generation tool for booking trade shows. Brilliant!

Progressive Marketing Is What Makes You Rich

“Progressive marketing” means that one show leads to the next which leads to the next. Let me give you a real example…

 Many years ago, I did a birthday party for the son of a very wealthy family. The mom was a big corporate executive. 

Using the techniques I described above, I booked a show for her companies big holiday gala, which lead me to doing a show for a very large national fundraiser, which put me in contact with other business leaders, which lead me to doing more corporate shows, which lead me to doing sales meetings, and I was just contacted about doing a keynote by one of those companies too – (many years after that original contact) etc., etc.

All of that from doing one birthday party!
BTW that birthday was in 2003!!!! LOL

You get one person to hire you.

They recommend you to someone else who hires who introduces you to someone else, and so on.

Progressive marketing is the BEST way to book a lot of shows and make a lot of money quickly. That is how I went from doing 4 shows per month to averaging 35-40 per month in less than 90 days, when I was fresh out of college, just starting out.

It is a long, tough road if you are just using your marketing to book single shows without getting other work from every show you do.

 Work your markets deep and get rich! 

 That’s it for today…

Do What You LOVE
& LOVE What You Do!

Brad Ross