I hope you are enjoying this mini-course and believe me,
this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Wow, our final session together. I hope you got something out of this.

I was just re-reading the last six lessons and I probably gave
away too much. But there is so much I am excited about
sharing with you.

This Magic System has changed my life beyond what I would have thought
possible with a performing career – and that’s why we assembled all of my
teachings into a 4 day LIVE workshop, called It Factor LIVE.

I honestly don’t want our journey together to end here.
There is so much more to reveal.

It Factor LIVE is the most complete hands-on-training of marketing
for magicians & entertainers ever put together and it’s all real-life
stuff. FULLY Tested, by me and my team of TOP NOTCH SPEAKERS.

For less than the price of one show you can secure your seat at
this year’s blockbuster bootcamp! I will hold nothing back.

It Factor LIVE Alumni from the 2017 Edition.











And the really cool thing about it is that the learning never
ends! We’ll stay on the journey together as long as you’d

My “Inner Circle” of working pros has formed around this
event. Actually, the only way to be an “Inner Circle”
member is to be an attendee of this event and be privy to the
information within.

The sharing in this group is well beyond what I would have
expected. Last week a member shared something with us
that made me an extra $700.00 at my last show.

This is all available to you if you want it.

This is unlike any course you have ever seen and unlike
any event you have ever been to.

This is BIG! I honestly hope to have you be a
part of it and take control of your magic career!

Check it out at: http://www.ItFactorLIVE.com