Today we are going to be talking about Step Two –
How to extract the most amount of money from every
transaction you do.

This is an under-looked step by most magicians and most are
leaving a ton of money on the table.

At It Factor LIVE this November, I’ll give you seven different
ways to maximize your earning potential every time you do
a show.

This is more than just back-of-the-room sales. Although we
cover this in detail, I would like to give you a lesser used

I call it, “Packing the House!”

Whenever you do an event, be it a corporate function or a
library show, having a good crowd is crucial to your success.

We do not have total control over who is going to show up
or how good the person that hired us is at promotion.

But we do have an obligation to assist in anyway we can.

Whether you believe it or not, it looks bad for the performer
when there is a slim turnout for an event. The thought being
that you must not have much of a draw.

There are ways to alleviate this.

Once someone books you, you should give them whatever
they may need to help promote the event.

This means posters, flyers, photos, bios, social media shares, videos, etc.

You do not necessarily have to make copies of all the printed items for them, but
make them available to them to digitally to use, post, share and/or print as needed

This will not only help promote you, but it will set you miles
ahead of anyone else in your market!

Also, this gives you control over what is being published
about you. It’s a win-win.

If it is a public event, you should also send out press releases
with all of the vital information in it. Don’t just assume that
the client will do it. This can all be done very easily via email & twitter.
You can even have them set to send out on a certain date in
some email programs!

Make it easy for the client and the press to download
information about you off your website.

I have a special “press” page that has photos, bios and sample
news articles all ready for my client &/or press to access.

The more people you have at your events, the happier the
client will be. This will lead to more bookings.

Also, the more people you have at an event, the more you
can work the rest of Step Two and start making serious
money at each show!

This event is going to explode your business!!!!
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