This is mini-lesson #4…

Now you know what the “Magic System’s” bare bones are, let’s
get a little deeper.

A quick review first:

#1-Before the Show — How to get the bookings.

#2-During the Show — How to maximize profits for each

#3-After the Show — How to generate life-long streams of
income & automate it.

Today we are going to concentrate on Step One. This is the
step that most marketing courses teach. The only problem is,
they stop here.

It can be a lot of fun to motivate people to buy your services.
The only problem is by only working this step, you are
working too hard and spending way to much money in
acquiring customers.

That’s where the next two steps come in. But let’s just get
you more shows first.


I want to make this crystal clear. What I am about to teach
you will absolutely work. It will honestly work for any
business if you tweak it enough. But this “Magic System” has
been designed for us magicians & entertainers.

It will book you a ton of shows. It will make you a very
decent income quickly. However, and this is the BIG
however, it will NOT WORK for long if your product
is sub-standard.

I’m sorry to be so blunt, but it’s the absolute truth.
This is an intense study on marketing and business
development for magicians and similar performers.
It does not teach how to be good on stage. There is plenty
written about that.

This will give you the tools to book a bunch of shows up
front, but if you or your act is lacking professionalism, it
just simply won’t last long. Remember, our acts are our
products. Make them the best they can be!

Back to the “Magic System”…

Step One is often referred to as The “Sales Funnel” in many
marketing books, blogs, & teachings. And that’s a pretty good
analogy for us to use today. It doesn’t match the entire “System”
very well, but it’s OK for today.

So why do people buy your services?

It’s pretty simple. Either you or someone/something else has
convinced them that you have what they want. Not what
they need, but what they desire.

And that can be any number of different things. Maybe a
birthday Mom desires her little girl to have the best birthday
party ever and she has faith in you that you can deliver that

Maybe a Human Resource Director desperately wants to have
her corporation’s Holiday Party to run smoothly and for her
boss to be pleased with her performance. You’ve convinced
her through your professionalism and quality materials that
you will deliver this for her.

Remember, in order to bring highly qualified and ready-to-buy
clients into your funnel, you have to show them how you, and
only you, can solve their problems &/or give them what they

Sure, they may not even know they have a problem or a
need until you tell them about it, but that’s where the savvy
marketer makes his living.

Now of course, I’ll give you detailed examples of all of
these techniques and complete campaign strategies that
will work in any market with the full “Magic System Training”
at It Factor LIVE.

But for this mini-session, here are some great tips to get you
started to booking a ton of shows.

First, it doesn’t matter one bit what medium you are using.
Whether it be direct mail, websites, social media ads, magazine ads,
tele-marketing or even radio slots; the goal is always the

Drive highly qualified prospects into your sales
organization and make it easy for them to buy what you
have to offer.

Pretty simple formula really.

I told you I don’t like to work too hard.

Here is a very basic process for creating any sales piece.
No matter what medium you are using to deliver it, keep
it conversational. You are selling to ONE person at a time!

Stay one-on-one with the prospect and you will have a much
better chance of getting them to lower their natural doubts and
let you in for the emotional hooks you’ll plant.

1 – Grab their attention! This is usually associated with a
strong headline. It can also be a grabber or anything really,
just so long as you “snag” them in to listen to you.

2 – Show them their problem & needs. This is the point
where you want to concentrate simply on endearing yourself
to them. Relate to them. You know their problems, fears
and desires. You’ve been there. Stories are the best I’ve
seen at doing this.

Tell the story of the little girl that came up and gave Mom
a big kiss and said thank you for such a great party! Tell
them about the HR Director that was a nervous wreck
because someone had dumped the Holiday Party in her lap.

3 – Show them how you will solve all their problems.
You’ve grabbed their attention, you’ve related to them
and now you are going to show them how you are the one
& only answer to their problems. Be detailed. Give them
exact examples. This is when you present them with
numerous testimonials of past clients that you performed
successfully for!

4 – Give them explicit instructions on what to do next to
reserve your services. So many businesses, not just
magicians, totally drop the ball on this one.

You’ve done all this work getting them this far, you
MUST have a call to action! They must know exactly
what they have to do next. Do they call? Do they visit
the web? Do they click here?

Incentives like a special discount are even better to get them
to do what you are asking quickly and before anyone else
gets to them. Just don’t forget to ask!!!

Step One can really be a blast and I could go on for days
on the subject. It is my other passion and my specialty.

We can’t possibly cover all of it here but when you join us
at It Factor LIVE this November – you’ll get the complete
package delivered on a silver platter

Check it out at:

Yours in success,