A few days ago we started our FREE our e-course on how
to profitably book shows with your magic career,
month-after-month and automate the whole process!

This is mini-lesson #3…

OK, now it’s time to unveil “The Magic System” for you!

Don’t let the simplicity of this fool you. It’s incredibly
powerful! Using it I have created a magic business that is not
only highly profitable, but very enjoyable to be a part of. I
never much liked hard work. That’s why I got into this
business in the first place.

This entire system grew out of the experience I wrote about
in my first course, “The It Factor,” which of course turned into
our annual marketing workshop & business building bootcamp,
It Factor LIVE (www.ItFactorLIVE.com)

For those of you that have read it, you may remember that
I organized it in three categories; before, during and after
the show.

It has now evolved into something larger and certainly more
encompassing. It matters not whether you do corporate trade
shows or balloon animals at a local restaurant, this system &
style of marketing applies to you.

The way it is structured is exactly how I structure my
business, even today. Things have changed considerably
since that writing of the ORIGINAL It Factor course.

I no longer average 50 shows a month, by choice.  However, my income
level is WAY up! Not only do I command a much higher fee for my services,
but as a result of using this system you now hold, I make money on the
back-end and booking is virtually automated!

Reaching this point was my exact plan 10 years ago.

And here’s the plan in its most simplified form…

Before the Show — How to get the bookings.

During the Show — How to maximize profits for each transaction.

After the Show — How to generate life-long streams of income & automate it.

ALL of your marketing efforts will fall into one of these
three categories. ALL of your clients fall into one of these
categories. Most of them, up until this point, have fallen in
Step One. But you will soon see how to utilize Step Two
and how to get more clients into the incredibly profitable,
Step Three!

Ok, now if you played along with me and answered your
questions I gave you in the first two emails/ posts, you have the
reasons you want to run a magic business and how you want
it to look. Let’s get into how to make it happen.

Again, don’t discount this because it seems so overly
simplified. I purposely designed it this way. Maybe I’m
not that bright, but I have a lot of different things I like to
do and constantly monitoring my business is not on the top
of the list.

My desire is to have this be so easy, anyone can do it for me.
That’s the freedom I want. It’s why I got into business for
myself in the first place!

“Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of
arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but
rather to skid in sideways, thoroughly used up, totally
worn out, and loudly proclaiming, ‘Wow – What a ride!’”
–Peter Sage

Over the next few emails/ posts of this mini-course, we will get
into each step individually and I’ll give you solid examples
and tools you can use right away to apply this to your business

You may not want to wait, and I can totally understand that.
This stuff is KILLER! Believe me!

If you want to get in now and start enjoying the lifestyle you
deserve today, go to:

In the meantime, here is your homework…

1.  Re-visit the questions we covered earlier in this call.
You may think you already have the answers to them, but
try and get even deeper, and BIGGER! I know I am
hammering tis home and I am purposely repeating myself.

You should see now how important they are for you so you
know what direction you want to apply this Magic System to.

Let loose on this and have some fun with it! One of the
techniques I use often is to read questions like these right
before you go to bed. Let your sub-conscious have a try
with them. Just make sure you have a pen and paper next
to your bed for when you receive the answers!

2.  Get yourself a blank yearly calendar. I use a very large
whiteboard calendar with different color pens and all that.
Whatever you’re comfortable with, it’s up to you. We will
need it for the next session and beyond.

See you in the next part!

Yours in success,