Admit it. You know it. We are our own worst enemies.

Well, it’s time to set the record straight. Here are three of the biggest lies magicians continuously tell themselves:

1. You need to practice practice practice until you get really good … and only THEN are you allowed to perform in public.

BS!! You need to put together a solid act. But until you actually hit the road with that act you have zero idea how well it will play. Go out and do free shows, cheap shows, donated shows…whatever… get some time on stage and in front of an audience, if you are new.

And if you are a seasoned pro – you know how important it is to test outré new material & always work toward improving your product. That’s how you get good… no wait.. thats how YOU GET GREAT!

2. The only “real” magicians are the ones doing corporate gigs, trade shows, and Vegas.

BS!!! If you service the family show market — birthdays, schools, churches, daycares,festivals, PTAs, restaurants — and you do a great job with your clients, you are absolutely just as much a REAL magician as a guy in a a U-Haul, shlepping heavy props across the countryside or staining up for 10 hours a day at a trade-show booth Don’t ever let anyone diminish the value of what you do.

3. The economy is in such a rut, nobody’s booking any gigs these days.

Do you have to work a little harder? Yes. Do you need to stay focused on always generating new leads? Yes! Should you hang your head and listen to all the nattering nabobs of negativism?


People are STILL booking birthday parties for their little darlings and will continue to do so.

Preschools are STILL having field trips and special days.

Schools are STILL looking for motivational speakers with a twist.

Corporations are STILL booking entertainment for their events & meetings.

Audiences across the country are STILL buying tickets to see magic shows, BIG or SMALL…performed by a magician with a marquee name and those who are unknown.

There’s always going to be people with money who are looking to spend it on amazing, fun, and unforgettable experiences — exactly what WE provide!

Keep working hard at letting them know you’re there. That’s what it takes, day in, day out, every every every day, never stopping and always trying new things.