Today we are going to pose 4 Questions, that will be critical to your success.  As On-Stage Entrepreneurs™, we must KNOW these 4 important things when it comes to our business in order to market properly, attract new leads, and close more sales.

If you can clearly answer these questions, you are sure to be successful.  let’s dive in…

1.  WHO…is our target audience?

Knowing our IDEAL CLIENT and who would benefit most from our experiences and what we can teach and share with them is very important.

When you have a clear picture of the audience that you want your business to have an impact on, then you will feel SO much more at ease in your communication. The better you know who they are, the better you can deliver value, build trust, connection and not freak out too much about every little detail. 🙂  Also the better you can deliver what they WANT.

2.  WHY…do you do what you do?

Knowing the true, real, deep reason why it is that you do what you do. What is the PURPOSE and INTENTION behind sharing it and putting in the work will help us connect with our clients on a personal level and keep us motivated to keep going when things get tough.

It should be doing something that we truly believe will CHANGE, help and INSPIRE our audience.

3.  WHAT …are you giving your client?

Are you OFFERING a product/service/offer/solution? Get clear on what solution you provide and how it will be delivered. A confused mind doesn’t buy so be sure to keep is clear and easy!  (This also means pricing… don’t over complicate your prices.)

4.  HOW …will they know who you are?

How will you make your PRESENCE known? How will you show them your solution? What kind of online presence do you have in mind?

VIDEO should be your number 1 option because it’s the fastest and most effective way of introducing yourself to new people in a compelling and genuine way! It’s how you show up that will set you apart.

So there’s your 4 things… 4 pillars that your business will stand on if you know them.

Have a great, productive week ahead.