Okay, here is cool list of 18 things that’ll put mucho dinero in your pocket starting now:

1. The only true wealth you have is your knowledge. If someone stole all your props (which happened to me once) and all your magic books but left you with your marketing knowledge, you could quickly and easily start booking gigs again. (That’s why continual investment in your marketing education is more important than learning new tricks.)

2. You need to make the strongest appeal to your target market possible, based on what they want not based on what you want to sell them. A universal appeal, regardless of what market you are pursuing, is that you will help your clients make their events hassle free. This appeal should be incorporated into ALL your marketing materials.

3. The keys to being a successful entertainer is finding the exact types of shows your prospects want, creating those shows, and then selling the shows to your prospect. Don’t create a show first. Find out what your market wants and then create that exact show.

4. You need to be motivated more than ever to succeed. There are three factors that contribute to your motivation. First, you must unsatisfied with the way things are. Second, you must believe that things can change. Third, you must believe that you can change them.

5. The new realities for the year 2018 and beyond are:

  • A) There is going to be more competition vying for your prospect’s dollar. (Remember that your competition is NOT just other magicians. It is every other choice your prospect can make.)
  • B) Your clients are going to be better informed. Many entertainers think that their prospects and clients are stupid. This is not the case. You better know your stuff and be able to deliver the goods or you will be quickly exposed.
  • C) Clients are going to be more demanding. This means that you not only have to live up to their expectations but surpass their expectations.

6. Here’s how to INSTANTLY INCREASE YOUR CASH FLOW. Systematically get the names, emails & addresses of all of your clients, periodically communicate with them, and ask them to book another show. It’s simple but it’s easy not to do.

7. Currently, direct mail is by far still one of the best ways to deliver your message – especially in a crowded email marketplace. In fact, it’s better than ever before because so many marketers are ONLY using the email. Listen: NOTHING will get you better results than direct mail. NOTHING. Anyone who tries to convince you otherwise is full of it.

8. In almost every case, it is better to lead generate and send out your complete sales package to the people who respond rather than sending out your complete sales package to a list of cold prospects. A good test mailing for a lead generation campaign is well worth the time & investment to ensure your lost is good, valid and accurate.

9. When you are writing copy, write out the first draft by hand. Virtually every great copywriter does that.

10.According to master copywriter John Carlton said that the four requirements for great copywriting are:

  • A) You need to know how to sell. (When is the last time you read a book on selling?)
  • B) You need a super great show so you can write killer copy without apology or compromise.
  • C) Write in a “you to me” style. Not like some stuffy corporation.
  • D) You need to be a little edgy. (Yes, some people won’t like it BUT it gets results.)

11. Adding personalization to your headlines will boost response by as much as 30%. I’ve been teaching this for years. Instead of saying, “How To Make Your Banquet Unforgettable” say, “How “Mrs. Prospect” Can Make The XYZ Company Banquet Unforgettable And Be A Hero”.

12. All letters should have a headline. This can be a headline that goes across the top of the page or the very first line after the salutation. Do not send out any marketing materials without a headline.

13. Astonish your clients. “Astonishing your clients” doesn’t just mean putting on a tremendous show. It also means astonishing them with your marketing, your service, your follow-up…everything related to your business.

14. Have an “idea generator box,” aka a SWIPE FILE.  When ever you come across an interesting ad, letter, magazine article, etc., clip it out and put it into this box. Then when you have to get your creative juices flowing to either write copy or develop a new routine, go to this box and read through everything. I have both physical swipe files and digital so I never miss good ideas when I see ’em!

15. Prepare yourself before you start putting together a show or start writing marketing materials. Get a stack of index cards and write down one benefit or feature about your show on each index card. (One benefit or feature per card.) Then arrange the cards in order starting with the strongest benefit and ending with the weakest benefit.

16. When writing sales copy, keep it simple, use precise language, and explain your offer in detail. Keep your sentences short. No more than 18-20 words in a sentence.

17. Do NOT fall into the trap of thinking that your prospects are too sophisticated for the type of direct marketing I teach. They are not. It does not matter who you are marketing to. When you are creating marketing material, picture in your mind that you prospect is Al Bundy – Joe Blow – Mr. Everyman and that you are trying to get him to take action.

18. Use the “PAY EVERY BILL” strategy. Put pressure on yourself to create the best marketing documents you possibly can by imagining that you HAD to make this campaign work… and if it was a success you’d be able to pay off every bill you had if it does.  (That would motivate you, wouldn’t it?) And the reality is… if you think like this… you’ll start creating better marketing and YOU WILL BE ABLE TO PAY OFF EVERY BILL!

That’s all for now – get to work putting these tips into action!

Do What You LOVE
& Love What You DO!

Yours in success,
Brad Ross

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