Yesterday I promised I would share a few tips on how to BUILD MORE TRUST even when you’re not performing or doing a ton of gigs.

Annnnd I’m keeping my promise by sharing that today.

Actually that is the first tip…

1. Customer Trust is Built by Delivering On Promises. Do you deliver on the promises you make?

This is the number one way to make or break trust. In today’s environment living around this virus, shutdowns, quarantines, cancelations, etc. there are so many uncertainties… Building trust means making revised and proactive promises. 

Solid brands that are actively promising safety measures, for example, are building on trust when customers see those measures are part of the experience, not just talk. Same is true for making sure you deliver on what you promised and even OVER-DELIVER.

To build trust today, revisit your promises and ensure the experience for customers is living up to them.

2. Building Customer Trust is Strengthened with Consistency.

Consistency is a way to live up to promises, too.

Today, consistency is a way to say “we’re here for you in the same way as before, regardless of the economy, the coronavirus, the world at large… we’re here to HELP YOU.”

Trust is built with consistent experiences.

For example, have you ever stayed in one hotel chain in one location and been impressed… only to visit another location that is totally disappointing in comparison?

Consistent experiences show the customer they can depend on your brand, instead of guessing what each experience will be like.

Even if it’s not the world’s best experience, there is comfort in consistency. You know you can rely on the consistent experience at McDonald’s or Starbucks. That latte or burger tastes the same at an airport kiosk or a destination far from home.


3.  Keep Your Customers By Keeping Them Loyal to Your Brand.  The best way to do this is to stay in regular communication.  

I hope you keep in regular contact with your “list” in general …but if you haven’t been, now is a perfect time to start.

Reach out to past clients to just touch base and see how they’re doing.  You don’t have to sell them anything – it’s literally about showing them you care.

Think about sending some of your best past clients of 2019 a “care package,” a hand written note to wish them “A happy start to the fall…” or even a $5 Starbucks Gift Card with a note saying…

 “Hey ~Contact.FirstName~, just thinking about you and wanted to invite you to a “virtual” cup of coffee – you’re next one’s on me!  Love to catch up when ya have some time!”

Personally – I keep in touch with entertainment clients with a once a week email and a once a month direct mail newsletter… but in many cases different groups of my “list” hear from me waaaay more often.  Like you, as a part of the Magic Marketing Center subscriber list- we connect a few times a week via email… my Mastermind & Inner Circle members hear from me even more!

Big takeaway here is DON’T GO SILENT on them.  As we talked about yesterday … if you go silent during the shutdown – you may not open up when live entertainment is back up & running.

Establishing trust with your customers or clients (both old and new) is crucial to succeed during the reopening phases of Coronavirus.

 As we continue to adapt to this fluid pandemic, our former marketing and communication strategies need to be revised and revamped. 

As always, we will get through this together!